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Kawasaki Aerospace

Contact Details

AddressWorld Trade Center, Bldg. 2-4-1, Hamamatsu-cho 2-chome, 105-6116 Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Telephone+81 3 3435 2111

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Aircraft currently in production/development

Airbus Helicopters H145M/EC145 Twin turboshaft light utility helicopter. Includes military version H145M (formerly known as EC645 T2), military version UH-72A and UH-72B Lakota for US Army and the foldable five-blade H145D3 twin.
Boeing CH-47 Chinook Multi mission heavy lift transport helicopter with twin contra-rotating intermeshing rotors and twin turboshaft engines. Includes the Special Operations variant MH-47.
Kawasaki C-2 High wing twin turboprop medium transport aircraft. Previously known as XC-2. Includes elint variant RC-2.
Kawasaki K-RACER Unmanned compound helicopter with main wings and propellers on both left and right sides. Can be flown remotely or autonomously.
Kawasaki P-1 Low wing maritime patrol aircraft with four wing mounted jet engines (previously known as XP-1).
Leonardo AW101 Triple turboshaft medium utility helicopter. Includes Japanese KH101, and UK Merlin MK4 variants. (Previously known as AgustaWestland, now a subsidiary of Leonardo).

Client aircraft programs

Airbus A350 Analysis Engine Parts: Intermediate pressure compressor (for Rolls-Royce Trent XWB)
Airbus Helicopters H145M/EC145 Analysis Fuselage Sections: Main and tail section fuselage (EC145); Fuel Tanks & Systems: Fuel system (EC145)
Boeing 767 Analysis Fuselage Sections: Forward and centre fuselage, exit hatches; Wings: Wing in-spar ribs (767-300; KC-46A Pegasus)
Boeing 777 Analysis Fuselage Sections: Forward fuselage; Aircraft Doors: Cargo doors (777-8X; 777-9X)
Boeing 787 Dreamliner Analysis Fuselage Sections: Forward fuselage, main landing gear wheel well; Wings: Wing fixed trailing edge; Compressors: Intermediate compressor module
Embraer E-Jet 170/190 series Analysis Fuselage Sections: Forward fuselage; Wings: Main wing fixed trailing edge; centre wing & control surfaces; Empennages: Fixed leading- and trailing-edge assemblies; Wing Flaps: (175; 175-E2; 190-E2); Wing Spoilers: (175; 175-E2; 190-E2); Aircraft Control Surfaces: (175; 175-E2; 190-E2); Engine Pylons: (175; 175-E2; 190-E2); Aircraft Structural Components: Wing stubs
Leonardo AW609 Analysis Empennages: Tail cone; Aircraft Doors: Cabin doors
Mitsubishi X-2 Analysis Aircraft Structural Components: Cockpit module
VoltAero Cassio Analysis Electric Motors: Cassio 330


Association memberships Vertical Flight Society (VFS) - U.S.A.
Subsidiaries Nippi Corporation Aerospace Division - Japan
Customers Boeing Commercial Airplanes - U.S.A. (Supplier of the Year 2010)

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Stock exchange listings

XFRA - Frankfurt Stock ExchangeKawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. - KHE
XBER - Berlin Stock ExchangeKawasaki Heavy - KHE
XDUS - Düsseldorf Stock ExchangeKawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. - 858920
XMUN - Munich Stock ExchangeKawasaki Heavy - 858920
XSTU - Stuttgart Stock ExchangeKawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. - KHE
XTKS - Tokyo Stock ExchangeKawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. - 70120