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Zenith now shipping CH 750 Cruzer kits
Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Zenith Aircraft has begun shipping kits for its newest model, the CH 750 Cruzer. Introduced last April at the Sun 'n Fun Fly-In, the Cruzer met with an enthusiastic response. It is an “on airport version of the popular STOL CH 750 that was originally designed for back country flying. The Cruzer, built for actual runways, uses smaller wheels (with optional wheel fairings) and a new wing and tail designs to achieve a higher cruise speed.

Designed for first time builders, the new kits utilize modern CAD and CNC technologies to the fullest, assuring complete construction of the airframe with simple hand tools and minimal skills that can quickly be acquired at one of Zenith's monthly factory workshops. “It will take about 400 hours to construct the all-metal airframe,” said Sebastien Heintz, President of Zenith Aircraft Company. “People are going to be surprised by how quickly it goes together and how much fun it is to work on it.” Complete, illustrated construction manuals take the guesswork out of building, assuring a smooth assembly process. All holes are pre-drilled and line up perfectly. Zenith offers a half dozen powerplant options, complete with engine mounts and cowling. The prototype is powered by a 130 hp UL 350iS engine and features the Dynon Sky View glass panel. As equipped, the aircraft has an empty weight of 780 lbs, giving it a useful load of 540 lbs, which keeps it at the LSA limit of 1,320 lbs required for sport pilots. Airborne, the CH 750 will cruise at 118 mph, climb at 1,200 fpm, and it stalls at 39 mph. The controls are light and responsive. Seating is comfortable, even for all-day cross country flying. With its raised skylight and wrap-around windshield/windows, the Cruzer has some of the greatest visibility available in a kitplane.

“Complete tail kits have been flying out the doors,” said Heinz. “Feedback has been positive and the builders are excited by their progress.”

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