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Celebrating 80 years of aircraft production in Kunovice
Wednesday, 11 May 2016

This year, Aircraft Industries, a.s. celebrates 80th anniversary of aircraft production in Kunovice, where started the construction of manufacturing plant in the second half of 1936. During the company history more than 7,000 aircraft of various types have produced there. In addition the company also produced gliders, such as trainer glider Galánka, two-seat glider VT-109 Pioneer, all-metal two-seater glider L-13 Blanik supplied to many countries of the world and, for example, L-23 Super Blanik L-33 and L-13AC. The company is also proud of production Aero 45, Super Aero 45, Aero 145 and the famous aircraft of own design L-200 Morava etc. Furthermore the company manufactured a jet trainer L-29 Delfin in the cooperation with a number of former Czechoslovak aviation companies. For the company was also significant production of single-piston special agricultural airplane Z-37 caled "Bumblebee", which continued into the early 80s.

First flight of the most important company product, all-metal high-wing L 410 aircraft with two turboprop engines, came on April 16, 1969. Since that time the L 410 aircraft have gone through several development phases. The last, substantial modernization was realized in 2013. The aircraft was equipped with new power unit, the GE H80-200 engine, and AV-725 propeller which commonly offer higher thermodynamic performance, especially in terms of higher atmospheric temperatures and higher altitudes. New power unit led to shorter take-off distance; higher maximum cruising speed; reduced fuel consumption and extendedmaximum range.

The company continues to modernize the aircraft and currently is intensively working on completion of the certification of L 410 NG aircraft – new model, whose first flight was conducted on July 29, 2015. This modernized turboprop commuter is inheriting the best of L 410 aircraft series and also offers improved flight parameters and operational characteristics, modern technologies and advanced avionics. The main advantages of this model include a new wing construction with integral fuel tank, which offers larger volume, and thus allows for a significantly longer range and endurance. Maximum take-off weight and payload were increased and therefore the L 410 NG allows transporting 400 kg cargo more. The luggage compartment was enlarged twice, which is related to the extension of aircraft nose part. For new operators this innovative model also offers powerful power unit, which consists of GE H85-200 BC04 engines and AV-725 propellers. By means of the "Damage Tolerance" philosophy will also substantially increased service life of the airplane. The complete "Glass Cockpit" significantly contributes to flight safety. Modernized passenger cabin will create environment which passengers know from higher category of aircraft.

Aircraft Industries has sold more than 1,200 aircraft in the L 410 series. The company intends for the next period to complete the L 410 NG certification and to prepare its serial production. Aircraft Industries, a.s. firmly believes that the improved L 410 NG aircraft has a long and promising future anddue to improved flight and operational characteristics will be even more desired by customers than the current model.

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