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Boeing expands Electronic Flight Bag offerings
Friday, 6 March 2009

Today Boeing [NYSE: BA] announced an agreement with Esterline CMC Electronics to provide Class 2 Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) hardware on selected airplane models for production and retrofit, starting with the Next-Generation 737. A second provider will be announced later.

"Boeing is providing the very important elements of end-to-end integration as well as commonality across EFB classes. Many Class 2 providers offer no integration, leaving it to be done by the airline. This can add unanticipated cost and increase technical and schedule risk," said Robert Manelski, director of Crew Information Services, Commercial Aviation Services, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. "Our EFB solution is fully integrated, allowing customers the flexibility they want, with Boeing support throughout the life cycle of the product.".

Boeing is developing a common application suite and ground infrastructure for use across Class 1, 2, and 3 EFBs to maximize the value of the EFB infrastructure by including Boeing and Jeppesen applications and data.

"This selection of our PilotView(r) EFB makes the most of our strengths in Class 2 hardware delivery and combines it with Boeing's strengths in data delivery and integration," said Jean-Pierre Morteux, CMC Electronics president and chief executive officer. "We believe this combination will offer the flexibility that customers are seeking."

The EFB contains all documentation and forms that pilots carry -- aeronautical maps and charts, manuals, minimum equipment lists and logbooks -- in digital format and puts them at the crew's fingertips. The Boeing system provides an integrated solution from the airplane to the airline's back office and offers value through improved operational efficiencies.

In October 2003, Boeing became the first to have a Class 3 EFB certified and integrated on the 777 fleet . Since then, Boeing has certified the Boeing Class 3 EFB for the Next-Generation 737, 757, 767 and 747-400 models and has made it standard on the 787 Dreamliner and Boeing Business Jets. Boeing currently has more than 1,000 Class 3 EFBs on order.

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