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Boeing 737

Lift typeFixed wing
Construction typeFactory-built
Control typePiloted
Engine typeTurbofan
ApplicationBusiness, Passenger medium, Surveillance
Final assembly Renton Municipal
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Medium capacity, narrow body airliner series. Powered by CFM turbofan engines. Aluminium alloy wing structure, upper skin and tail plane, with graphite composite elevator, rudder and ailerons. Glass or carbon fibre-reinforced plastic nosecone, fairings and fin tip. Single or split-scimitar double (NG), blended advanced technology (AT) winglets (MAX) .

Two independent hydraulic systems for control surfaces, and electric motors for variable incidence tailplane.

Crew of two facing a Honeywell common display system with five-screen flat panel LCDs, and two underfloor baggage holds.

Type variants

Variant Launch/First flight Production end  
Boeing 737-100/200 1965 / 1967 1988 The original variants with JT8D engines, including the military T-43.
Boeing 737-300/400/500 Classic 1979 / 1984 2000 Second generation, with CFM56 engines.
Boeing 737-700 1993 / 1997 Equivalent of 737-300 with 126 passengers. Available as Quick Change and Extended Range variants. Produced for US Navy as C-40A Clipper.
Boeing 737-800 1994 / 1997 Typically 162 passengers, combi or freighter. Military version produced as P-8A Poseidon and P-8I Neptune. Final commercial model delivered 2020, Poseidon still in production.
Boeing 737-600 1995 / 1998 2012 Typically 110 passengers. The 600, 700, 800 and 900 series were dubbed NG.
Boeing 737-900 1997 / 2000 2019 Largest variant with forward and aft fuselage plugs, typically 177 passengers (maximum 215). Also produced as Extended Range variant.
Boeing 737 AEW&C 1998 / 2002 AEW&C variant derived from 737-700 BBJ.
Boeing 737 MAX 2011 / 2016 Re-engineered model range with CFM LEAP-1B engines, extended tail cone, fly-by-wire spoilers, electronic bleed air system and two-part winglets. Includes the largest in the 737 MAX family, the 737 MAX 10.

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Operations data

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Supply chain

  (491 links)
Management Personnel & Training (1) Professional Services (1)
Design Design (1) Design Software (1)
Materials Adhesives (2) Coatings (2) Composites (8) Lubricants (1) Metals (8) Non-metal Materials (8) Plastics (2)
Components Actuation (12) Bearings (3) Electrical Components (14) Electrical/Electronic Connectors (1) Fasteners (4) Fibre Optics (1) Lighting (5) Mechanical Components (27) Non-Mechanical Components (4) Passive Electronic Components (1) Sensors, Transducers & Detectors (4) Structural Components (33) Switches (7) Valves (5) Windows & Glass (3)
Airframe Systems Airframe Assemblies (40) Cabin Interiors (25) Cargo Systems (2) Crew Seating (2) Environmental Systems (10) Fluid Power (7) Landing Assemblies (14) Oxygen Systems & Equipment (3) Safety & Security Systems (14) Weapons Systems (3)
Avionics Avionic Components (4) Communications (Airborne) (9) Flight and Data Management (10) Imaging and Visual Systems (4) Indicators and Instruments (7) Navigation Aids (Airborne) (3) Warning Systems (3)
Power Systems Auxiliary Power (4) Batteries & Accessories (3) Electrical Power Systems (6) Engine Components (30) Engines (2) Fuel Systems (12) Power Transmission (6)
Production Handling Equipment (4) Heat Treatment (1) Hot Forming (1) Inspection Equipment (2) Machining (5) Manufacturing Services (1) Measurement (2) Metal Removing (2) Production Equipment (1) Sheet Metal Processes (2) Surface Treatment (3) Technical Consultants (2) Tooling (3) Tools (2)
Testing Test Equipment (4) Test Services (1)
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Management / Personnel & Training

Flight Training Devices ( Analysis Simulation Systems: FNPT II MCC and FTD 2 Fixed Base Flight Simulators

Management / Professional Services

Pennant Australasia (was ADG) Analysis Technical Manuals: S1000D software; interactive electronic technical manuals (IETM/IETP) (AEW&C)

Design / Design

PDS Engineering Analysis Design Services: Tooling design

Design / Design Software

Cascade Engineering Analysis Computer-aided Simulation: Created entire wing & fuselage stores pylons FE models and delivered fully correlated load cases

Materials / Adhesives

Berry Global, Inc. (Berry Plastics, Tapes & Coating Div.) Analysis Adhesive Tape: Pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes for carpet installation & moisture protection
Permacel Analysis Adhesive Tape: Adhesive tapes

Materials / Coatings

Chemetall, part of BASF Analysis Corrosion Inhibitors: Corrosion protection
Southwest United Industries, Inc. Analysis Coatings Services: Thermal spray coating services

Materials / Composites

Boeing Tianjin Composites (BTC) Analysis Composite Structures: Flight deck panels
DuPont Aerospace (DuPont Company) Analysis Honeycomb Core Composites: Nomex-based honeycombs in interior sandwich structures, landing gear doors and moveable flight control surfaces. ; Prepreg: Kevlar-based prepregs in air ducting
Hexcel Composites Analysis | News Carbon-reinforced Composites: HexTow IM7 carbon fibre for LEAP-1B engine fan blades & containment cases
Kineco Kaman Composites - India Pvt Ltd. Analysis | News Composite Manufacturing Services: Composite Mission Panels for the P-8 reconnaissance variant.
LyondellBasell Analysis Reinforced Composite Molding Compounds: Epoxy/phenolic materials
Magnolia Advanced Materials, Inc. Analysis Epoxy Resins: Epoxies, syntactics, resins
Qarbon Aerospace Lafayette (was Triumph AeroStructures) Analysis | News Composite Structures: Complex composite components (AEW&C program)
Syensqo (was Solvay) Analysis Carbon-reinforced Composites: Carbon fibre

Materials / Lubricants

Orelube Corporation Analysis Synthetic Lubricants: Boelube

Materials / Metals

Alcoa Corporation Analysis | News Titanium: Titanium aluminide alloy for LEAP engine
Arconic Corporation, Davenport Works Analysis | News Aluminium: Aluminium sheet and plate for fuselage skins and wing ribs
Carpenter Technology - Latrobe Operations Analysis Steel: High purity vacuum remelted steels
GKN Aerospace - Sheets Manufacturing Analysis | News Metal & Alloy Fabrications: Engine inlet aluminium lip skins
Kaman Aerospace Aerostructures Analysis | News Metal & Alloy Fabrications: Sheet metal kits & bracketry supplied to Zodiac for landing gear electrical & hydraulic accessories
Kanfit Ltd Analysis Metal & Alloy Fabrications: Metal parts
TIMET Titanium Metals Corporation Analysis Titanium:
VSMPO-Avisma Corporation Analysis | News Titanium:

Materials / Non-metal Materials

3M Aerospace Sealants Analysis Fuel Tank Sealants: Sealants
American Fiber & Finishing Inc. (was Chemical Cloth Company) Analysis Cloth & Paper Wipers: C-60 cloth tack rags
Attewell Ltd. Analysis Packings: Packers & fillers
Dunmore Corp. Analysis Laminates: Interior surfacing films
DuPont Aerospace (DuPont Company) Analysis Laminates: Tedlar films on interior decorative surfaces
Lamart Corporation Analysis Laminates: PVF & PEEK covering films for thermal/acoustic insulation
Lamsco West, Inc. Analysis Laminates: Laminated sheet & components
Toray Advanced Composites (NL) Analysis Laminates: Cetex PEI for smoke detector pans, temperature sensing mounts, electronic device moisture shroud, galley skins, flex slat tabs

Materials / Plastics

General Plastics Manufacturing Co. Analysis | News Plastic Foam: Flame retardant flexible and rigid polyurethane foams for flight deck and cabin interiors
Pexco Aerospace - Yakima Analysis Plastic Extrusions & Sheets: Plastic extrusions

Components / Actuation

Arkwin Industries Inc. Analysis Mechanical Actuators: Engine actuators
Beaver Aerospace & Defense, Inc. Analysis Linear Actuators: Wing flap actuator; Mechanical Actuators: Camera deployment actuator
Collins Aerospace, Mechanical Systems - Actuation Analysis Electromechanical Actuators: Thrust reverser actuation
Eaton Aerospace, Actuation Systems Division Analysis Electromechanical Actuators: Stabilizer trim actuator
Electromech Technologies Analysis Electromechanical Actuators: Fuel shutoff valve actuator
GE Aviation (Mechanical Systems LA) Analysis Mechanical Actuators: Thrust reverser actuation system; utility actuators
Kollmorgen Aerospace & Defense Analysis Linear Actuators: Actuators for flaps & HSTA
Moog Flight Controls Analysis Mechanical Actuators: Flight control actuators
Nabtesco Aerospace Analysis Mechanical Actuators: Spoiler actuators
Triumph Integrated Systems - Fluid Power & Actuation - Valencia Analysis | News Hydraulic Actuators: Inboard & outboard ground spoiler actuators; main & nose landing gear retract actuators
Whippany Actuation Systems Analysis Electromechanical Actuators: Airleron trim actuator, APU inlet door actuator, speed brake actuator, forward air stair door actuator
Woodward HRT Analysis Hydraulic Actuators: Thrust reverser actuation system

Components / Bearings

Kamatics Corporation Analysis Self-Lubricated Bearings: KAron bearings
NTN Europe Analysis Bearings:
SKF Group Analysis | News Bearings: Mainshaft and gearbox bearings for the CFM LEAP engine.

Components / Electrical Components

ARMEL Electronics, Inc. Analysis Relays: Relay sockets
Co-Operative Industries Aerospace & Defense Analysis Wire Harnesses: Electrical wiring harnesses
Crane Aerospace & Electronics, Power Solutions Analysis Rectifiers: Transformer rectifier unit
Electrocube, Inc. Analysis Power Transformers: Transformers
Elektro-Metall Export Analysis Wire Harnesses: Winglet lightning harness
Fokker Techniek Analysis | News Wire Harnesses: Electrical wiring interconnection system (EWIS)
HR Smith (Technical Developments) Ltd Analysis Static Dischargers:
Korry Electronics Analysis Switch Displays: LED switches & indicators
Latécoère Analysis Wire Harnesses: Ruggedized electrical harnesses for CFM56-7
MATIS Aerospace Analysis Wire Harnesses:
Rossell Techsys Analysis Wire Harnesses: Wire harnesses and modification kit
Safran Electrical & Power Denton Analysis | News Wire Harnesses:
Safran Transmission Systems Analysis Wire Harnesses: Electrical harnesses for CM56 engine
TDG Aerospace Inc. Analysis Interrupters: UFI 3000 universal fault interruptor

Components / Electrical/Electronic Connectors

HiRel Connectors, Inc. Analysis Electrical & Electronic Connectors: Connectors

Components / Fasteners

Ateliers de la Haute Garonne AHG Analysis Solid Rivets:
Avibank Mfg. Inc. Analysis Latch Fasteners: Attachment pins; retention cable; Auto-Lok fasteners; latches
Groov-Pin Corp. Analysis Inserts: Threaded inserts
Howmet Fastening Systems, HQ Analysis | News Fasteners: Titanium, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum and nickel-based superalloy fastening systems

Components / Fibre Optics

Aurora Optics, Inc. Analysis Fibre Optic Cable Splicers: Fibre optic cables splices

Components / Lighting

Astronics Luminescent Systems Inc (LSI) Analysis | News Aircraft Exterior Lighting Systems: LED position, navigation & anti-collision lighting
AvtechTyee Analysis Fluorescent Lamp Ballasts: Electronic light ballasts
Collins Aerospace, Interiors Division Analysis | News Aircraft Interior Lighting Systems: Advanced LED cabin lighting system for Boeing Sky Interior; Aircraft Interior Lighting Systems: Interior lighting
Collins Aerospace, Interiors, Lighting Systems Analysis Aircraft Exterior Lighting Systems: Fuselage anti-collision lights; foreward & aft navigation lights
Honeywell Aerospace, Lighting & Electronics Analysis Aircraft Exterior Lighting Systems: Integrated winglet lighting system

Components / Mechanical Components

Aero Fluid Products (was Dukes Aerospace) Analysis Ice Protection/Prevention Equipment: Bleed air anti-ice system
Aerofit, Inc. Analysis Fluid Fittings: Fittings
Alarin Aircraft Hinge, Inc. Analysis Hinges:
Asahi Kinzoky Kogyo Inc Analysis Fuselage Flaps:
Bandy Manufacturing Analysis Hinges: Flight control hinges
Bell-Memphis, Inc. Analysis Turnbuckles: Control cable turnbuckles
Bolsan Company Inc. Analysis Shims: Laminated & solid shims, taper shims
Cablecraft Motion Controls Analysis Push-Pull Control Assemblies: Mechanical cable controls
Collins Aerospace, Sensors & Integrated Systems Analysis Windshield Wipers: Windshield wiper systems
Cox & Company, Inc. Analysis Ice Protection/Prevention Equipment: EMEDS - electrically powered electro-mechanical expulsion de-icing systems (P-8A version)
Flexfab LLC Analysis Hydraulic & Pneumatic Seals: Bulkhead penetration seals
HBD/Thermoid Inc. - a subsidiary of HBD Industries, Inc. Analysis | News Manifolds & Ducts: Environmental ducting for on-board ventilation
Ho-Ho-Kus, Inc. Analysis Clamps: Clamps and fasteners, nuts, bolts & screws
Hypernetics Ltd. Analysis Annunciators: Electromagnetic indicators, flags, shutters & annunciators
Loos & Co. Inc. Analysis Wire Assemblies: Wire rope flight control cable assemblies
Meggitt Oregon, Inc. Analysis Rubber & Silicone Seals: Wheel well seals
National Utilities Co./NUCO Analysis Clamps: Clamps & flanges
OMADA International Analysis Manifolds & Ducts: CFM LEAP 1B engine exhaust ducts and manifolds
Rexnord Industries, LLC Analysis Mechanical Seals: Seals & bearings
RWM Casters Co. Analysis Casters: Heavy duty specialty casters
SACS Aerospace GmbH (was SACS Boysen Aerospace Group) Analysis Door Locks: ; Latches:
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics MG Silikon Analysis Rubber & Silicone Seals: Window seals
TDG Aerospace Inc. Analysis Ice Protection/Prevention Equipment: WarmWing ice prevention system
Triumph Aerospace Structures - Interiors - Spokane Analysis | News Manifolds & Ducts: Composite environmental control systems (ECS) ducting (Legacy and MAX variant)
Triumph Structures - Everett Analysis Mechanical Fittings: FLE attach straps, doublers, stowbin fittings, intercostals, splices, brackets & fittings
VINCORION Advanced Systems GmbH Analysis | News Ice Protection/Prevention Equipment: Heated fill fittings for potable water system
Voss Industries Inc. Analysis Clamps: Clamps, flanges couplings, coupling and ducting products

Components / Non-Mechanical Components

Flexfab LLC Analysis Non-Metallic Hoses: Lightweight hose and ducting, flexible waste water connectors
Precision Coil Spring Co. Analysis Springs:
Triumph Integrated Systems - Mechanical Solutions - Shelbyville Analysis | News Control Cable:
Yokohama Aerospace America, Inc. Analysis Tanks & Pressure Vessels: Water tanks

Components / Passive Electronic Components

TE Connectivity (Measurement Specialties) Analysis Potentiometers: Element segments & rotary potentiometers

Components / Sensors, Transducers & Detectors

Collins Aerospace, Sensors & Integrated Systems Analysis Sensors/Transducers: Total air temperature sensors; flow sensors; in-flight ice detection sensors; pitot probes
Crane Aerospace & Electronics Analysis | News Proximity Sensors: Proximity sensors for landing gear, doors, leading edge slats & flaps
Crane Aerospace & Electronics, Power Solutions Analysis Proximity Sensors: Proximity sensing components
Parker Meggitt SA Analysis | News Vibration Detectors: Advanced airborne vibration monitor

Components / Structural Components

Accurus Aerospace Corporation Analysis Precision Machined Parts:
Accurus Aerospace Kent, LLC Analysis Precision Machined Parts:
Accurus Aerospace Tulsa, LLC Analysis Precision Machined Parts:
Advanced Manufacturing (Sheffield) Ltd. Analysis Precision Machined Parts: Jet engine rings
Aerospace Dynamics International Analysis Aircraft Structural Components: Hinge beam
Aerosud Aviation Pty Ltd Analysis Precision Machined Parts: Simple curvature interiors linings; vacuum formed cockpit & cabin parts & assemblies
Asco Industries N.V Analysis | News Flap/Slat Mechanisms: Leading edge high lift mechanisms; flap tracks; flap carriages
Barnes Aerospace, Advanced Fabrications Analysis | News Metal Structures: Titanium components for nacelles
BAZ Airborne Components & Assemblies Analysis Aircraft Structural Components: Structural parts and assemblies made from aluminium and steel for fuselage (737 Cargo) and winglet (737)
Bharat Forge Ltd. Analysis Metal & Alloy Forgings: Titanium forgings for wing components
California Drop Forge, Inc. Analysis Metal & Alloy Forgings: Wing flap; landing gear parts
Curtiss-Wright Flight Systems Analysis | News Flap/Slat Mechanisms: Flap track assembly for outboard & inboard flap system
Damar AeroSystems, a Senior Aerospace Division Analysis | News Metal Structures: Quadrant assemblies for elevator control
Ducommun AeroStructures Analysis | News Metal Structures: Titanium super plastic formed & hot formed details & welded assemblies; titanium structural assemblies for propulsion & thrust reverser (for Spirit Aerosystems); Metal Structures: Titanium APU exhaust fairing assemblies (for Spirit Aerosystems)
Duke Manufacturing Analysis Metal & Alloy Castings: Boeing 737 Max
earthnaerospace Co. Ltd. Analysis Aircraft Structural Components: Outer/inner chord, and rib; Wing Spars: V/F, H/S spars and leading edges
Ellwood Texas Forge Navasota (ETFN) Analysis | News Metal & Alloy Forgings: 15-5PH flap-track forgings
Howmet Engine, Structural & Wheel Systems, OH Analysis | News Metal & Alloy Forgings: Titanium landing gear parts and nacelle fittings
Kale Aero Analysis Aircraft Structural Components: Manufacture & assembly of structural parts
LeFiell Manufacturing Co. Analysis Struts: Control rods, struts & braces
LMI Aerospace, Inc. Analysis | News Aircraft Structural Components: Door assembly structural details; cockpit window frames; landing light lens assembly
Magellan Aerospace Corp. Analysis | News Aircraft Structural Components: Winglet components
Maini Precision Products Ltd Analysis Aircraft Structural Components: Structural components for extended range fuel cells for Marshall Aerospace
Mecachrome France Analysis Aircraft Structural Components: Bulkhead
Noranco Inc. Analysis Aircraft Structural Components: Wing box components (for Spirit)
Orbitech Co. Ltd. Analysis Wing Spars: Rear spar and jack screw
Otto Fuchs KG Analysis Metal & Alloy Forgings: Forgings ; Metal & Alloy Extrusions: Extrusions
Senior Aerospace Jet Products Analysis | News Aircraft Structural Components: Supply of large diameter precision formed and machined structural components
TITAL GmbH Analysis Metal & Alloy Castings: Aluminium & titanium investment castings
Tuffer Manufacturing Analysis | News Precision Machined Parts:
Wipro Givon Ltd (was H.R. Givon) Analysis Metal Structures: ; Metal Structures:
Wipro Infrastructure Engineering Analysis | News Struts: Strut assemblies
Yulkok Ltd. Analysis Aircraft Structural Components: Empennage spar chords; Precision Machined Parts: Titanium spar & fitting

Components / Switches

Aerospace Control Products, Inc. Analysis Pressure Switches: Float switch standby
Cole Instrument Corporation Analysis Mechanical Switches: Engine starter switch
Crouzet Analysis Limit Switches: Limit and proximity switches
Custom Control Sensors, LLC Analysis Mechanical Switches: Dual-Snap switches
Ducommun LaBarge Technologies Analysis | News Coaxial Switches: TCAS coaxial switches; Mechanical Switches: Pushbutton switches
Eaton Ltd Analysis Pressure Switches: Cockpit switches
Electro-Mech Components Analysis Mechanical Switches: Reading lamp switch; attendant call switch; attendant lens with lamp; switch assembly; reading lamp lens & housing; autopilot switch; attendant call lens

Components / Valves

Eaton Aerospace Group (Mission Systems Divison) Analysis Valves: Windscreen rain repellant valve
Ontic Analysis | News Valves: Waste management system
Parker Meggitt Control Systems Analysis Hydraulic System Valves: Pneumatic valves for CM56-5 engine
The Lee Company Analysis Check Valves: ; Relief Valves: ; Hydraulic System Valves: ; Pressure Control Valves:
Woodward HRT Analysis Servovalves: Pressure-control servovalves in braking system

Components / Windows & Glass

GKN Aerospace Analysis | News Windshields: Anti-spall windshields
GKN Aerospace Transparency Systems Analysis | News Windows: Cockpit & cabin windows
PPG Transparencies Analysis | News Windshields: Laminated glass windshields with inboard plastic antispall liner

Airframe Systems / Airframe Assemblies

Aciturri Manufacturing Analysis Aircraft Control Surfaces: Rudder
Aercal Aerospace SA Analysis Fairings:
Aerospace Dynamics International Analysis Aircraft Interior Bulkheads: Bulkhead assembly; Aircraft Doors: Articulated bomb-bay doors
Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC) Analysis Aircraft Doors: Pressurised doors; main landing gear door
Airbus Defence & Space (Structures) Analysis Aircraft Control Surfaces: Flight control surfaces
Astronics PECO Analysis | News Aircraft Doors: Impact resistant fuel access doors
Avcorp Industries Inc. Analysis | News Fairings: Wheel well fairing; Wings: Wing tip panels; Wing Spoilers: Wing spoilers; Aircraft Doors: Doors
AVIC SAC Commercial Aircraft Company Ltd Analysis Fuselage Sections: Aft fuselage section
AVIC XAC Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd. (AVIC XCAC) (was Xi'an Aircraft Industry) Analysis Aircraft Control Surfaces: Vertical fin
Boeing Aerostructures Australia Analysis Wing Flaps: Ailerons
Boeing St. Louis (was GKN Aerospace) Analysis | News Winglets: Advanced technology winglet final assembly and painting.
Chengdu Aircraft Industrial (Group) Co. Ltd. Analysis | News Aircraft Doors: Forward entry door, automatic over-wing exit door; Aircraft Control Surfaces: Rudder
Composite Technology Research Malaysia (CTRM) Analysis Fairings: Saddle fairing
Ducommun AeroStructures Analysis | News Wing Spoilers: Ground and flight spoilers
earthnaerospace Co. Ltd. Analysis Aircraft Doors: Lower door skin, and inner skin cover detail, and EE door
Elbit Systems Cyclone Ltd Analysis Aircraft Doors: Cargo & passenger doors, wheel well panels, blocker doors
Encore Interiors (was EnCore Aerospace LLC) Analysis Aircraft Flooring: Floor panels
FACC AG Analysis | News Winglets: Blended winglets & split winglets, fixed leading edge panels.
General Dynamics Ordnance & Tactical Systems Analysis | News Radomes: Ku/K/Ka tri-band radome
GKN Aerospace Analysis | News Winglets: Blended winglets; Winglets: Advanced technology winglet
Hamble Aerostructures (Aernnova Group) (was GE Aviation) Analysis Wing Flaps: Wing fixed leading edge structural ribs & associated substructures
Hartwell Corp. Analysis Aircraft Doors: Pressure relief door
Hexcel Analysis Aircraft Control Surfaces: Vertical & horizontal stabilizer closeout panels; wing trailing edge assemblies; Fairings: Dorsal fairing
Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (Aircraft Division Bangalore) Analysis Aircraft Doors: Weapons bay doors
Honeywell Aerospace Analysis | News Bleed Air Systems: Bleed air valves & precooler; Bleed Air Systems: Electronic Bleed Air System (EBAS)
Korean Air Aerospace Division Analysis Fairings: Flap support fairing; Winglets:
LMI Aerospace, Inc. Analysis | News Wing Flaps: Wing leading edge skins, flapskins, winglets; Aircraft Flooring: Cockpit crew floor
Magellan Aerospace Kitchener Analysis | News Wings: Wing components
Mecadaq Group Analysis Wings:
Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation Analysis | News Wing Flaps: Inboard flaps
Nippon Precision Casting Corp. Analysis Wing Flaps: Flap segment
OMADA International Analysis Fuselage Sections: Intercostals
Orbitech Co. Ltd. Analysis Aircraft Interior Bulkheads:
Radius Aerospace - Hot Springs Analysis Aircraft Control Surfaces: Leading edge skins
SpeQtrum Aerospace Analysis Fuselage Sections: Cargo door surround structures
Spirit AeroSystems, Inc. Analysis | News Fuselage Sections: Fuselage; forward cab assembly; vertical fin; front & rear wing spars; horizontal stabilizer; inboard & outboard flaps; wing to body fairing; Section 41. 75% of airframe in total.; Wing Flaps: Horizontal stabilizers; vertical fins; slats; flaps; forward trailing & leading edges; Fuselage Sections: Fuselage
Tata Boeing Aerospace (TBAL) Analysis | News Aircraft Control Surfaces: Vertical fin structures
Triumph Aerospace Structures - Interiors - Spokane Analysis | News Aircraft Flooring: Composite environmental control systems (ECS) floor panels
Triumph Aerospace Structures - Technology & Engineering Center - Arlington Analysis | News Aircraft Doors: Pressurised doors; main deck cargo door for cargo variant
Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) Analysis | News Wings: Wing tips; Airborne Consoles: Flight deck panels; Empennages: Section 48 – tail feather (via Spirit Aerosystems)

Airframe Systems / Cabin Interiors

Adient Aerospace Analysis | News Passenger Seating: Tourist Class Seating option
Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems (AES) Analysis | News Passenger Service Units (PSUs): Passenger address amplifier; window heat controllers
Astronics PECO Analysis | News Passenger Service Units (PSUs): Passenger service units; air diffusers
BAE Systems Platform Solutions Analysis | News Cabin Management Systems: Touch screen attendant control panel
Boeing Zhoushan Completion and Delivery Centre Analysis | News Aircraft Interiors: Interior comlpetion (China)
Collins Aerospace, Avionics Division Analysis | News Inflight Entertainment: PAVES inflight entertainment system
Collins Aerospace, Interiors Analysis | News Passenger Seating: Pinnacle light-weight economy class seats
Collins Aerospace, Interiors Division Analysis | News Inflight Entertainment: Installation kits for Connexion system products; Lavatory Equipment: Modular lavatory systems; Lavatory Equipment: Lavatory complex and lavatory
Collins Aerospace, Interiors, Lighting Systems Analysis Cabin Signage & Displays: Exit signs
FELLFAB Limited Analysis Curtains:
Hexcel Analysis Aircraft Interiors: Cockpit flight deck sidewall & ceiling panels
Koito Industries Ltd Analysis Passenger Seating:
NORDAM Interiors & Structures Division Analysis | News Aircraft Interior Furniture: Custom-made interior monuments/cabinets (option)
Panasonic Avionics Corporation Analysis | News Inflight Entertainment: eFX inflight entertainment system
Recaro Aircraft Seating Analysis Passenger Seating:
Safran Cabin - Bellingham (was Zodiac Airline Cabin Interiors) Analysis Lavatory Equipment: Lavatories
Safran Cabin - Herborn (was Zodiac Premium Galleys) Analysis Galleys: Galleys ; Galley Inserts: ; Storage Bins: Stowage compartment
Safran Cabin (Monogram) Analysis Lavatory Equipment: Re-circulating toilet system
Safran Cabin (was Zodiac Cabin Interiors) Analysis Lavatory Equipment: Lavatories; Galleys: ; Aircraft Interiors: Closets, class dividers, cockpit door
Safran Cabin Catering (was Zodiac AirCatering Equipment) Analysis Galleys: ; Aircraft Interiors: Closets, class dividers
Spectra Interior Products, Inc. Analysis Cushions: Seat cushions
TCI Turkish Cabin Interior Inc Analysis Cabinets:
Thales AVS France Analysis Inflight Entertainment: TopSeries inflight entertainment system
The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. Analysis Lavatory Equipment: Lavatory modules
Yokohama Aerospace America, Inc. Analysis Lavatory Equipment: Lavatories

Airframe Systems / Cargo Systems

Ancra International - Aircraft Division Analysis Cargo Systems:
Telair International Analysis Cargo Systems: Sliding carpet system

Airframe Systems / Crew Seating

Collins Aerospace, Interiors Analysis Crew Seating: Speciality seating systems
Ipeco Holdings Ltd. Analysis Crew Seating: Crew seats

Airframe Systems / Environmental Systems

Collins Aerospace, Air Management (Nord-Micro) Analysis Cabin Pressure Control Systems: Cabin pressure control system; ventilation control system
Collins Aerospace, Sensors & Integrated Systems Analysis Water Heaters: Water line heaters; heated drain masts; lavatory/galley water heaters
Cox & Company, Inc. Analysis Air Heaters: Air heating systems; gasket heaters
CTT Systems AB Analysis | News Air Conditioning Equipment: Zonal Drying humidity control system
Donaldson Company, Aerospace & Defense Analysis Air Filters: Cabin air filters
Eaton Aerospace Group (Mission Systems Divison) Analysis Water Systems: Portable water regulator
General Ecology Inc. Analysis Water Purification Systems: Versa Pure AC-2 drinking water microfiltration system
Harris Corporation UT Analysis | News Waste Water Systems: Composite waste tanks
Johns Manville, Inc. Analysis Thermal Insulation: Micro fibre fibreglass insulation
Triumph Aerospace Structures - Hawthorne Analysis | News Thermal Insulation: Thermal acoustic insulation blankets

Airframe Systems / Fluid Power

Eaton Aerospace, Fuel & Motion Control Division Analysis Hydraulic Pumps: Hydraulic power generation engine drive pumps, AC motorpumps; Hydraulic Power Supplies: Bent axis flap motors, stabilizer trim motors; Fluid Conveyance Systems: Fluid conveyance hoses, fittings, couplings & clamps
Flexial Corporation Analysis Accumulators: MMA Multi-Mission Maritime Aircraft accumulator
PTI Technologies Inc. Analysis Hydraulic Filters: IDG Lubrication filters
The Lee Company Analysis Hydraulic Filters: ; Hydraulic Systems Restrictors:
Triumph Integrated Systems - Fluid Power & Actuation - Clemmons Analysis | News Hydraulic Systems & Equipment: Hydraulic actuation components for complex landing gear valves and thrust reverser cowl doors
Triumph Integrated Systems - Fluid Power & Actuation - Valencia Analysis | News Accumulators: Hydraulic accumulators
Unison Industries, LLC Analysis | News Fluid Conveyance Systems: Low pressure turbine active clearance control & transient bleed valve fluid conveyance systems for LEAP-1B engine

Airframe Systems / Landing Assemblies

AVIC Aviation High-Technology Co. Ltd. Analysis | News Carbon Brakes: Carbon brake disks
Beijing Beimo Hi-Tech Friction Material Co., Ltd. Analysis Steel Brakes: ; Brake System Components: Brake disks
Canton Drop Forge Analysis Aircraft Landing Gear: Landing gear components
Collins Aerospace, Landing Gear Analysis | News Aircraft Landing Gear: Landing gear
Collins Aerospace, Wheels and Brakes Analysis | News Aircraft Wheels: Wheels; Carbon Brakes: DURACARB carbon brakes
Crane Aerospace/Hydro-Aire Inc. Analysis Anti-Skid Brakes & Systems: Antiskid autobrake system
Dunlop Aircraft Tyres Ltd. Analysis Tyres:
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Analysis Tyres:
Honeywell Aerospace, Aircraft Landing Systems Analysis Steel Brakes: ; Aircraft Wheels: Main & nose wheels
Magellan Aerospace Corp. Analysis | News Aircraft Landing Gear: Landing gear components; Aircraft Landing Gear: Nose landing gear assemblies comprised of complex machined titanium components (for Collins Aerospace Systems - Landing Gear)
Magellan Aerospace Kitchener Analysis | News Aircraft Landing Gear: Landing gear kit and complex structural components (with Magellan Aerospace New York)
Magellan Aerospace New York Analysis | News Aircraft Landing Gear: Landing gear kit and complex structural components (with Magellan Aerospace Kitchener)
Safran Landing Systems Analysis | News Aircraft Wheels: Wheels; Carbon Brakes: Sepcarb III OR oxidation resistant carbon brakes
Zhongbeixing Aviation Technology Xianghe Co. Ltd. Analysis Aircraft Landing Gear:

Airframe Systems / Oxygen Systems & Equipment

Collins Aerospace, Interiors Division Analysis | News Oxygen Systems: Passenger oxygen systems
Eaton Aerospace Group (Mission Systems Divison) Analysis Oxygen Equipment Valves: Crew/passenger O2 filler valve; cylinder & valve assembly
Safran Aerosystems - Oxygen Systems Analysis Oxygen Systems: Passenger & crew oxygen system equipment

Airframe Systems / Safety & Security Systems

AD Aerospace Limited Analysis | News Aircraft Security Equipment: Flight deck entry video surveillance system
BaseWest Analysis Emergency Lighting Systems: Escape slide lighting system and associated wire harnesses
Collins Aerospace, Interiors Analysis Evacuation Systems:
Collins Aerospace, Sensors & Integrated Systems Analysis Aircraft Security Equipment: Cockpit door surveillance systems
DuPont Aerospace (DuPont Company) Analysis Fire Insulation: Thermal acoustic insulation blankets: Nomex-based flame barrier
Eaton Aerospace Group (Mission Systems Divison) Analysis Evacuation Systems: Slide inflation valve assembly
EXAIL Aerospace Analysis Emergency Locator Transmitters: ADT406 emergency locator transmitter
Honeywell Aerospace Analysis | News Emergency Locator Transmitters:
Latécoère Analysis Aircraft Security Equipment: Cockpit door surveillance cameras
Parker Meggitt - MUSA/PLC Analysis Fire Fighting/Detection Systems: Fire protection systems; Safety Harnesses: Safety restraints
Safran Aerosystems Evacuation (Air Cruisers) Analysis Slides: Evacuation slides
Siemens SAS Airborne Safety Systems Analysis Fire Fighting/Detection Systems: Fire extinguishing system (option)
STG Aerospace Analysis | News Emergency Lighting Systems: SafTGlo photoluminescent floorpath marking system
Techtest Limited Analysis Emergency Locator Transmitters: Emergency locator beacon

Airframe Systems / Weapons Systems

Harris Corporation VA Analysis | News Ordnance Handling Equipment: Sonobuoy launchers & carriage & release systems
Raytheon Intelligence & Space (RIS) Analysis | News Surveillance/Air Defense Radar: Advanced Airborne Sensor
Terma AS Analysis Electronic Warfare Systems: Electronic warfare managment system

Avionics / Avionic Components

Ducommun LaBarge Technologies Analysis | News Control Panels: Lighted panels
FTG Aerospace Inc. Analysis Control Panels:
GE Aviation Systems - Digital Analysis | News Control Panels: Multipurpose control display unit
Herley Industries Inc. Analysis | News Microwave Components: Integrated microwave assemblies

Avionics / Communications (Airborne)

ACSS, an L3Harris and Thales Company Analysis Radar Transponders: NXT-800 Mode S transponder
AvtechTyee Analysis Onboard Intercom Systems: Flight deck digital control audio system
CMC Electronics Inc. Analysis | News Communication Antennas: CMA-2200SB Intermediate Gain Antenna
Cobham SATCOM Analysis Communication Antennas: HGA-7001 high gain satcom antenna system
Collins Aerospace, Avionics Division Analysis | News Airborne Communication Systems: ICS-300 SATCOM
Honeywell Aerospace Analysis | News Radio Communications Equipment: Quantum Line communication/navigation radios; Airborne Communication Systems: SATCOM systems
HR Smith (Technical Developments) Ltd Analysis Communication Antennas: Antennas
L3Harris Technologies (was Harris Corp (Govt Communications Systems Div)) Analysis Communication Antennas: VHF communication antennas
Rockwell Collins - ICG Analysis | News Airborne Communication Systems: Iridium Certus SATCOM terminal

Avionics / Flight and Data Management

AstroNova Inc. Analysis | News Cockpit Printers: ToughWriter 640 flight deck printer
BAE Systems Platform Solutions Analysis | News Onboard Computers: Mission computer systems; Automatic Flight Control Systems: Spoiler control electronicsc
CMC Electronics Inc. Analysis | News Onboard Computers: Class 2 PilotView Electronic Flight Bag
Curtiss-Wright Avionics & Electronics Christchurch Analysis | News Flight Recorders: Honeywell Connected Recorder-25 (HCR-25) cockpit voice recorder (CVR) and flight data recorder (FDR)
GE Aviation Systems Analysis | News Flight Management Systems: U13
GE Aviation Systems - Digital Analysis | News Flight Management Systems: Flight management system; data acquisition replay tool; navigation database
Honeywell Aerospace Analysis | News Flight Management Systems: Flight data acquisition & management system; Flight Recorders: Cockpit voice & data recorders; Cockpit Printers: Mark II communications management unit with cockpit printer; Flight Recorders: Honeywell Connected Recorder-25 (HCR-25) cockpit voice recorder (CVR) and flight data recorder (FDR)
L3 Aviation Recorders Analysis Flight Recorders: Flight data recorder (FDR) and cockpit voice recorder (CVR) on BBJ variants
Teledyne Controls Analysis | News Data Acquisition Systems: Digital flight data acquisition unit for airplane health management system; information management system
Thales AVS France Analysis Flight Management Systems: Integrated standby flight display

Avionics / Imaging and Visual Systems

Astronics PECO Analysis | News Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS): Enhanced vision systems
Collins Aerospace, Avionics Division Analysis | News Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS): Enhanced vision system; Multiscan weather radar
Honeywell Aerospace, Electronic Systems Analysis Weather Mapping Radar: IntuVue advanced weather radar
Telephonics Corporation Analysis | News Reconnaissance Radar: APS-143C(V)3 multi-mode radar

Avionics / Indicators and Instruments

Aydin Displays, Inc. Analysis LCD Displays: Console displays
Collins Aerospace, Avionics Division Analysis | News Head-Up Displays: Head-up guidance system; Radar/Radio Altimeters: Radio altimeters; LCD Displays: Large format LCD displays
Collins Aerospace, Sensors & Integrated Systems Analysis Fuel Quantity Indicators: Fuel quantity indicator; Angle of Attack Indicators: Angle of attack sensors
Honeywell Aerospace Analysis | News Air Data Computers: HF/voice/HF data link; Electronic Flight Instrument Systems: Flat-panel LCD displays
Parker Meggitt Avionics Analysis | News Cockpit indicators
QED/Inc. Analysis Pressure Indicators: Miniature pressure gauges
Safran Electronics & Defense / IDD Aerospace Corp. Analysis Keyboards: Keyboards, illuminated cockpit panels, integrated switch panels

Avionics / Navigation Aids (Airborne)

Collins Aerospace, Avionics Division Analysis | News Multi-Mode Receivers (MMR): GLU-925 multi-mode receiver with GLS-ILS capability; Distance Measuring Equipment: ; Automatic Direction Finders: Automatic direction finder; VOR (Omnirange) Receivers: VOR receivers
Honeywell Aerospace Analysis | News Multi-Mode Receivers (MMR): IMMR Integrated Multi-Mode Receiver option
Honeywell Aerospace, Sensor & Guidance Products Analysis Inertial Components & Systems: Air Data Inertial Reference System (ADIRS) on BBJ variants

Avionics / Warning Systems

Collins Aerospace, Avionics Division Analysis | News Collision Avoidance Systems/TCAS: TCAS
Honeywell Aerospace Analysis | News Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems: EGPWS on BBJ variants
Honeywell Aerospace, Electronic Systems Analysis Collision Avoidance Systems/TCAS: TCAS/ACAS with Mode S transponders

Power Systems / Auxiliary Power

Collins Aerospace, Power Systems Analysis Auxiliary Power Units: APS 2000/T-62T-47C1 APU
Honeywell Aerospace, Engines & Systems Analysis Auxiliary Power Units: 131-9(B) APU
Hutchinson Aerospace Analysis APU Components: APU mounts
OMADA International Analysis APU Components: APU inlet fittings

Power Systems / Batteries & Accessories

Crane Aerospace & Electronics, Power Solutions Analysis Battery Chargers/Analysers: Battery charger
Radiant Power Corporation Analysis | News Nickel-Cadmium Batteries: Battery power supply for emergency exit lighting supply
Saft America Inc. Analysis Nickel-Cadmium Batteries: 23180 series ni-cd batteries; 539CH1 series ULM ni-cd batteries

Power Systems / Electrical Power Systems

Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems (AES) Analysis | News Airborne Electrical Power Supplies: EmPower UltraLite in-seat passenger power system option
Collins Aerospace, Electric Power Systems Analysis Power Distribution Equipment: Constant frequency generation system derivative
ECE Analysis Power Distribution Equipment: Power contactors
Fokker Techniek Analysis | News Electrical Wire & Cable: Electrical wiring; junction boxes; Engine Harnesses: Engine build-up unit electrical harnesses for LEAP engine (for Safran)
Judd Wire Inc. Analysis Electrical Wire & Cable: Wire & cable
Radiant Power Corporation Analysis | News Airborne Electrical Power Supplies: Sentinel Recorder Independent Power Supply (RIPS) flight voice recorder emergency power system

Power Systems / Engine Components

Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC) Analysis Engine Housings: Engine case for CFM56
Albany Engineered Composites Analysis | News Turbine Engine Blades: Fan blades, fan cases, spacers & platforms for LEAP-1B engine
Avio Aero (GE Aerospace) Analysis | News Engine Parts: Rotor blades & stator vanes, for CFM56 engine; thrid-stage rotor blades of low pressure turbine, core engine components for CFM56-7BE; Engine Parts: Low pressure turbine stator stages, disc & casing for LEAP engine
BAE Systems Platform Solutions Analysis | News Full Authority Digital Controls: FADEC for the LEAP-1B engine
Boeing Canada Winnipeg Analysis | News Engine Inlets: One-piece composite acoustic inner barrel for engine nacelle inlet
Cefival S.a. Analysis Piston Rings: Flash butt welded rings for CFM56 engine
Collins Aerospace, Aerostructures Division Analysis Nacelles: Nacelle components
Collins Aerospace, Engine Components Analysis Turbine Engine Blades: Turbine airfoils
Ducommun AeroStructures Analysis | News Engine Inlets: Engine inlet bulkheads
Eaton Ltd Analysis Engine Health Monitoring: Engine sensors, fluid health monitoring products
Forged Solutions Group Analysis | News Engine Parts: Closed die forged & seamless ring rotating components for LEAP-1B engine
GKN Aerospace Analysis | News Nacelles: One-piece engine nacelle inlet lip skins
GKN Aerospace Engine Systems, Kongsberg Analysis | News Turbine Engine Vanes: For CFM56-7BE engine; Engine Parts: Low pressure turbine casings for CFM56-7BE engine
Hughes-Treitler Manufacturing Corporation Analysis Engine Heat Exchangers: Hydraulic coolers
LISI Aerospace Analysis Engine Parts:
LORD Electromechanical Solutions Analysis | News Autothrottle Systems: Design and manufacture the Autothrottle Module (ATM)
Lytron, Inc. Analysis Oil Coolers: Air/oil heat exchanger
Mecachrome France Analysis Turbine Engine Blades: Titanium-aluminium blades for LEAP engine
Mecadaq Group Analysis Thrust Reversers:
OMADA International Analysis Thrust Reversers: CFM LEAP 1B engine thrust reverser components
Parker : Lord Division Analysis Engine Mounts:
Parker Meggitt Plc Analysis | News Engine Heat Exchangers: Fuel oil heat exchangers for LEAP engine
Parker Meggitt SA Analysis | News Engine Health Monitoring: Engine sensor products for LEAP-1B engine (through Snecma)
Safran Aero Boosters Analysis | News Compressors: Low pressure compressors for CFM56 engine; Oil Tanks: Oil tank, pump, filter & anti-leak valve
Safran Transmission Systems Analysis Full Authority Digital Controls: FADEC for CM56 engine
Spirit AeroSystems, Inc. Analysis | News Nacelles: Nacelle/thrust reverser; Nacelles: Engine nacelles; Engine Pylons: Pylons; Thrust Reversers: Thrust reversers
TAT Limco (was Limco-Airepair Inc.) Analysis | News Oil Coolers: Fuel-oil heat exchangers
Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) Analysis | News Engine Housings: Fan cowls
Unison Industries, LLC Analysis | News Oil Coolers: Air cooled oil cooler for LEAP-1B engine (through Snecma)
WGI Inc. Analysis Engine Parts: Engine & gearbox parts

Power Systems / Engines

CFM International Inc. Analysis | News Turbofan Engines: (CFM56-7B - Boeing 737 AEW&C - CFM56-7B27A; Boeing 737-700 - CFM56-7B20/7B24; Boeing 737-800 - CFM56-7B24/7B27 - )
Pratt & Whitney Large Commercial Engines Analysis Turbofan Engines: (JT8D Series - Boeing 737-100/200 - JT8D )

Power Systems / Fuel Systems

Allen Aircraft Products Inc. Analysis Fuel Pumps: Fuel system jet pumps and valves
Aloft AeroArchitects Analysis | News Fuel Tanks & Systems: Auxiliary Fuel System
Applied Aerospace Structures Corp. Analysis Fuel Tanks & Systems: Auxiliary fuel tanks
AVPE Systems Analysis Fuel Tanks & Systems: Fuel tank
Collins Aerospace, Engine Components Analysis Injection Systems: Fuel injection systems
Crane Aerospace/Hydro-Aire Inc. Analysis Fuel Pumps: Four boost & two override/jettison fuel pumps
Eaton Corporation Analysis Fuel Pumps: Main engine fuel pumps
Marshall Aerospace Analysis | News Fuel Tanks & Systems: Extended range auxiliary fuel tanks
Parker Meggitt Polymers & Composites HQ Analysis Fuel Tanks & Systems: Fuel tanks
PTI Technologies Inc. Analysis Fuel Filters: APU fuel filters
Safran Transmission Systems Analysis Fuel Pumps: Hydromechanical equipment for CM56 engine
Woodward Aircraft Turbine Systems Analysis Fuel Nozzles: Fuel nozzle

Power Systems / Power Transmission

Arrow Gear Company Analysis Gears & Assemblies: Gears
Curtiss-Wright Flight Systems Analysis | News Gears & Assemblies: Trailing edge transmissions and trailing edge flap drive
Davall Gears Ltd Analysis Gear Drives: Aircrew seat actuation
Héroux-Devtek Inc. Analysis | News Torque Tube Drives: Torque tubes
S.S. White Technologies Inc. Analysis | News Shafts & Shaft Assemblies: Flexible shafts that transmit power to activate Thrust Reverser Actuation Systems (TRAS) on CFM LEAP 1-B turbofan engine
Safran Transmission Systems Analysis Mechanical Transmissions: Power transmissions for CM56 engine; Gearboxes: Accessory gearboxes for CM56 engine

Production / Handling Equipment

Advanced Integration Technology (was Nova-Tech Engineering) Analysis Load Positioning Systems: Wing flow line transportation AGV; Lifting Equipment: Moving line tug
AVT Europe NV Analysis Jacks: Air jacks for engine installation
Didsbury Engineering Co Ltd Analysis Hoists: APU fishpole hoist
Morgan Aero Products Analysis Hoists: Engine handling equipment; lever hoists

Production / Heat Treatment

Aercal Aerospace SA Analysis Heat Treatment:

Production / Hot Forming

Pietro Rosa TBM Srl Analysis | News Forging: Titanium forgings

Production / Inspection Equipment

CTRL Systems, Inc. Analysis Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment: UL101 ultrasound diagnostic tool
MTorres Disenos Industriales S.A. Analysis Precision Measurement Equipment: Wing skin measuring systems; Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment: Ultrasonic inspection systems

Production / Machining

Aercal Aerospace SA Analysis Milling:
Bavius Technologie Inc. Analysis Machining Systems: Structural parts machining
Electroimpact Analysis Drilling Equipment: Automatic floor drilling equipment
MPC Industrial Products, Inc. Analysis Grinding: High tolerances precision grinding sheet & plate
MTorres Disenos Industriales S.A. Analysis Milling: Milling systems with flexible tooling

Production / Manufacturing Services

Production / Measurement

Brunson Instrument Company Analysis Optical Alignment Equipment:
Kahn Industries Inc./Kahn & Co Analysis Dynamometers: Hydraulic dynamometer for APU test

Production / Metal Removing

Aercal Aerospace SA Analysis Chemical Milling:
Tech Met Inc. Analysis Chemical Milling: Chemically-milled components

Production / Production Equipment

Electroimpact Analysis Plant Automation Equipment: Vertical panel assembly line machines (Renton plant)

Production / Sheet Metal Processes

Production / Surface Treatment

Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies HQ Analysis Shot Peening:
MPC Industrial Products, Inc. Analysis Metal Finishing/Polishing: High gloss polished finish for flat sheet & formed parts
Satys Sealing & Painting Analysis | News Paint Application:

Production / Technical Consultants

Cascade Engineering Analysis Engineering Design Services: Led teams providing sizing, development, optimisation, integration, instruction throughout wing & fuselage stores pylons development; Technical/Eng/Scientific Studies: Provided sizing, development, optimisation, integration, instruction throughout wing & fuselage stores pylons development
QFP Srl Analysis Engineering Management Services: Engineering consultancy services for deployable airstairs

Production / Tooling

Advanced Integration Technology (was Nova-Tech Engineering) Analysis Jigs & Fixtures: Wing to fuse join jigs; Tooling: Wing to body join alignment tooling; wing assembly tooling
LMI Aerospace, Inc. Analysis | News Tooling: Tooling for assembly line
MTorres Disenos Industriales S.A. Analysis Laser Tooling: Laser scribers with flexible tooling

Testing / Test Equipment

Airmo Inc. Pressure Technologies Analysis Hydraulic Test Equipment: Hydraulic testing tools
Spherea Test & Services Analysis Test Equipment: Test systems
Testek Solutions - Independence (formerly Avtron and Testek) Analysis Automated Test Equipment: UnivATE automatic test equipment
Testek Solutions - Wixom (formerly Avtron and Testek) Analysis Test Stands: Generator test stand (IDG); Pneumatic Test Equipment: Pneumatic test stand; Fuel Test Equipment: Fuel test stand; Automated Test Equipment: Automatic test equipment test stand; Hydraulic Test Equipment: Hydraulic test stand

Testing / Test Services

Cascade Engineering Analysis Stress Analysis: Supported the entire wing & fuselage stores pylons development programme from concept, through to completion of certification
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