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Address5353 Highland Drive, Jackson, MS 39206, U.S.A.

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Client aircraft programs

AIDC T-5 Blue Magpie / Brave Eagle Analysis Ram Air Drives: Aluminum housing and valve for the ram air valve assembly Why is this obscured?
Airbus A320 Analysis Hydraulic Pumps: Vickers brand engine driven hydraulic pumps; AC motor pump; Hydraulic Pumps: Ram air turbine pump (A320 variant only); Hydraulic Power Supplies: Bi-directional power transfer unit; hydraulic motor-driven generator
Airbus A330 Analysis Hydraulic Pumps: Hydraulic engine-driven pumps and AC motorpumps
Airbus A380 Analysis Hydraulic Power Supplies: 345 bar/5000-psi hydraulic generators; AC motor pumps
Airbus A400M Analysis Aircraft Structural Components: Reservoir filling & ground service panel
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