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Safran Transmission Systems

Contact Details

AddressPower Transmission Division, 18, Boulevard Louis Seguin, F-92707 Colombes Cedex, France
Telephone+33 1 41 30 50 10
Facsimile+33 1 41 30 54 12

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Client aircraft programs

Airbus A320 Analysis Full Authority Digital Controls: FADEC; Mechanical Transmissions: Power transmission unit for CFM56 engine; Gearboxes: Accessory gearbox
Airbus A330 Analysis Wire Harnesses: Electrical harnesses; Full Authority Digital Controls: FADEC (with BAE) on CFM56-5C, CF6-80E; Fuel Pumps: Hydromechanical equipment on CFM56-5C; Mechanical Transmissions: Power transmissions on CFM56-5C, CF6-80E; Gearboxes: Accessory gearboxes on CFM56-5C, CF6-80E; Mechanical Transmissions: Accessory drive train transmissions on Trent 7000 through Rolls-Royce (A330-800/900; A330 MRTT)
Airbus A350 XWB Analysis Gearboxes: Accessory gearbox package, including accessory gearbox, transfer gearbox, angle drive shaft, step aside gearbox, radial drive shaft, oil tank assembly, higg pressure & radial drive shaft bevel gears
Airbus A380 Analysis Thrust Reversers: Electrical thrust reverser actuation system
Airbus A400M Analysis Wire Harnesses: Electrical wiring harnesses for TP400-D6 engine; Engine Controls: Electronic control unit; control system integration; Full Authority Digital Controls: FADEC for TP400-D6 engine; Fuel Pumps: Fuel pump, fuel metering unit, injectors; Gearboxes: Accessory gear box
BAE Systems Hawk Analysis Engine Controls: Engine electronic unit for Adour engine
Boeing 737 Analysis Wire Harnesses: Electrical harnesses for CM56 engine; Full Authority Digital Controls: FADEC for CM56 engine; Fuel Pumps: Hydromechanical equipment for CM56 engine; Mechanical Transmissions: Power transmissions for CM56 engine; Gearboxes: Accessory gearboxes for CM56 engine
Boeing 747 Analysis Full Authority Digital Controls: FADEC (with BAE) on CF6-80C2
Boeing 777 Analysis Full Authority Digital Controls: FADEC (GE90) engine
Boeing 787 Dreamliner Analysis Engine Controls: SaM146 engine control system
Bombardier Global series Analysis Gearboxes: Accessory gearbox for BR710 engine
Dassault 2000 series Analysis Mechanical Transmissions: Power transmissions & accessory gearbox for CFE738 engine
Dassault 7X Analysis Steering Systems: Steering computer; Landing Gear Controls: Electronic control units for braking, steering & landing gear
Dassault Mirage 2000 Analysis Wire Harnesses: Engine wiring harnesses
Dassault Rafale Analysis Mechanical Transmissions: Engine power transmissions and hydromechanics
Eclipse 550 Analysis Full Authority Digital Controls: FADEC system
Embraer C-390 Millennium Analysis Emergency Generators: Emergency electric power generator system; Power Distribution Equipment: Primary & secondary power distribution systems; Airborne Electrical Power Supplies: Electrical power system integration
Gulfstream G550 Analysis Gearboxes: Accessory gearbox on BR710 engine
Kawasaki C-2 Analysis Full Authority Digital Controls: FADEC for CF6-80C2 engine
Sukhoi SuperJet 100 Analysis Wire Harnesses: Engine wiring harnesses; Engine Controls: Engine control system for SaM146; Full Authority Digital Controls: FADEC for SaM146 engine

News and press releases

20/06/2019Press Release: Safran accelerates the development of modeling tools for contact mechanics applications
19/06/2019Press Release: Safran signs global agreement with Pattonair
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Association memberships GIFAS - France
Parent company Safran Group - France

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