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AddressFischerstr. 9, A-4910 Ried, Austria
Telephone+43 59 616 0
Facsimile+43 59 616 81000

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Client aircraft programs

Airbus A220 Analysis Fairings: Wing-to-body fairings; Radomes:
Airbus A320 Analysis Fairings: Modified belly fairing (A321 - A321XLR); Winglets: Sharklet wingtip devices; Bleed Air Systems: Ram air inlet; Wing Flaps: Outboard flap (A321); Fairings: Aft belly fairing; Storage Bins: Overhead stowage compartments; Aircraft Interiors: Ceiling panels and cove light panels; Aircraft Interiors: Entrance area; Engine Fan Casings: Fan cowls; Thrust Reversers: Thrust reverser trans cowl components
Airbus A330 Analysis Fairings: Flap track fairings; Wing Spoilers: ; Aircraft Doors: Blocker doors; Engine Fan Casings: Fan cowls for Safran Nacelles (A330-800/900)
Airbus A350 XWB Analysis Winglets: Wing tips; Wing Spoilers: ; Winglets: ; Aircraft Doors: Blocker doors; passenger door linings; Storage Bins: Housing, bins & spacers of overhead stowage bins; Engine Parts: Nacelle translating sleeves (for United Technologies Aerospace Systems); Fire & Smoke Detectors: Smoke detection covers
Airbus A380 Analysis Lavatory Equipment: Bathtub panels (bathtub panels are structural wing components); Storage Bins: Overhead stowage compartment systems; Cargo Liners: Cargo door linings; Aircraft Structural Components: Flap track fairings; APU inlet plenum; splitter & nose piece; inlet outer barrels; flap ribs & leading edges; spinner
Boeing 737 Analysis Winglets: Blended winglets & split winglets, fixed leading edge panels.
Boeing 747 Analysis Wings: Articulated cove panel, upper wing panels. Horizontal stabilizer seal door.
Boeing 767 Analysis Wings: Fixed leading edge panels.
Boeing 777 Analysis Wings: Fixed leading edge panels.; Engine Parts: Engine components for Trent 800
Boeing 787 Dreamliner Analysis Wing Spoilers: Wing spoilers; lower bonded panels; Empennages: Horizontal stabilizer panel; Engine Parts: Translating sleeve for thrust reverser; nacelle movable blocker doors; all composite components for the Trent 1000 engine (e.g. nose cone fairings, front acoustic panels, rear acoustic panel, rear case liner, outer fantrack liner, inner fantrack liner)
Bombardier Challenger 300 series Analysis Fairings: Wing-to-body fairings (Challenger 350); Radomes: ; Aircraft Interiors: Cabin interior
Bombardier Challenger 650 Analysis Radomes:
Bombardier Global series Analysis Radomes: ; Fairings: Wing-to-body fairings; Engine Parts: Outer bypass ducts on BR710 engine
COMAC ARJ21 Analysis Aircraft Interiors: Development & production of complete passenger cabin
COMAC C919 Analysis Wing Spoilers: ; Winglets: ; Aircraft Interiors: Development & production of complete passenger cabin.
Dassault 2000 series Analysis Winglets:
Dassault 7X Analysis Engine Parts: Bypass ducts for PW307A
Dassault 900LX Analysis Winglets:
EHang 184 / 216 Analysis Engineering Design Services: Technology partner for Ehang 216 including development and production of hardware; Certification Services: Certification of Technology Ehang 216
Embraer E-Jet 170/190 series Analysis Wing Spoilers: Wing spoilers & ailerons, wing tip, flap track fairings (E2); Aircraft Interiors: Cabin interior for the Lineage 1000 model
Embraer Legacy 450/500/650 Praetor 500/600 Analysis Aircraft Interiors: Interior furnishings & linings
Embraer Phenom Analysis Aircraft Interiors: Cabin interior
Gulfstream G650 Analysis Engine Parts: Outer bypass ducts on BR725 engine
Sukhoi SuperJet 100 Analysis Fairings: Pylon fairings.; Wing Spoilers: ; Wings: Aileron, Inboard & Outboard Flaps, Rudder.; Elevators:
XAC MA700 Analysis Aircraft Interiors: Development & production of complete passenger cabin.

News and press releases

01/04/2021NEWS: Multicell flap system is key to FACC's wing of tomorrow
12/03/2021Press Release: Complete single-aisle offering from ACS
02/02/2021Press Release: Airbus sites gear up for the A321XLR's Major Component Assembly phase
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Association memberships Austrian Aeronautics Industries Group - Austria
Parent company Aviation Industry Corporation of China - China (AVIC Group 55.5%, Freefloat 44.5%)
AVIC Cabin Systems - U.K.
Subsidiaries CoLT Pruf und Test GmbH - Austria
Customers Bombardier Inc. - Canada (Diamond Supplier 2019)
Diehl Aerospace GmbH - Germany (Supplier Excellence Award 2010)
Rolls-Royce plc Civil Aerospace - U.K. (Supplier Award for teamwork 2018)
Airbus S.A.S. - France (Airbus Innovation Award 2019, Airbus Suppliers Award 2018)

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