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COMAC increases its flight test fleet of C919 jetliners equipped with Nexcelle's state-of-the-art nacelles
Friday, 27 December 2019

The flight test fleet for COMAC's C919 has increased to five aircraft, with the latest addition now transferred from the company's Shanghai-area final assembly line to Nanchang's Yaohu Lake Airport in southeastern China.

Equipped with Nexcelle's state-of-the-art nacelle systems on its two LEAP-1C turbofan engines, the no. 5 prototype will be used primarily for flight tests related to validation of the electrical power, fire protection and environmental control systems.

O-Duct thrust reverser: key to the C919 nacelle's functionality

Also included in this test phase will be the operational check-out of the aircraft's braking system – for which the new-design O-Duct thrust reversers on Nexcelle's nacelles play an important role during landing. Completing the evaluations will be special flight tests related to operations of the C919 in high temperatures, high humidity and extreme cold.

COMAC has planned for a total of six aircraft in its C919 flight test program. To date, the initial jetliner prototypes have operated from locations at Yanliang in central China's Shaanxi Province, Dongying on the northern coast of Shandong province, and Nanchang for their evaluations

The C919 has one of the world's first truly integrated propulsion systems, resulting from the close cooperation of CFM International (manufacturer of the LEAP-1C powerplants) and Nexcelle as the nacelle supplier.

The C919 nacelle work share for Nexcelle's parent companies

Based on the Nexcelle joint venture's work-sharing arrangement with its two parent companies, Safran Nacelles has the C919 nacelle system's lead industrial role. It supplies the unique O-Duct thrust reverser and also brings the company's electrical thrust reverser actuation system (ETRAS) expertise, which is used for the O-Duct's deployment instead of traditional hydraulic systems.

The other parent company, Middle River Aerostructure Systems (MRAS), is responsible for supplying the nacelle's inlet, fan cowls, inner fixed structure and engine mounts.

Nexcelle has a presence at multiple sites in China to support the C919 program. The primary team is located at COMAC's Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute (SADRI) in the Xuhui District of Shanghai. For the build-up of nacelles and engines into complete integrated propulsion systems, Nexcelle and CFM International have an integration area located adjacent to the C919 final assembly line at COMAC's Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co. industrial facility near Shanghai's Pudong International Airport.

Additionally, one of Nexcelle's team members is positioned at Safran Nacelles' Chinese industrial affiliate – Xi'an SAVI Nacelles – in the city of Xi'an, situated approximately 60 kilometers from the flight test center at Yanliang.

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