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Bell selects Genesys Aerosystems' HeliSAS as an option for the Bell 505
Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Genesys Aerosystems announced today that Bell has selected the VFR HeliSAS Autopilot and Stability Augmentation System as a factory-installed option. Genesys also announced envelope protection, a unique new feature on VFR HeliSAS for the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X.

HeliSAS has been installed in over 1,000 small to medium sized helicopters, and Genesys continuously advances the feature set to expand functionality and safety. The envelope protection feature will offer speed protection in ALT (Altitude hold), SPD (VS and IAS hold) and VRT (Glideslope) modes to ensure the pilot will not inadvertently enter into an unsafe situation. HeliSAS will actively correct attitude to ensure safe speeds as well as provide aural alerts to warn pilots also known as limit cueing.

"We are excited to add the Bell 505 to our long list of helicopters certified and flying with HeliSAS, and look forward to partnering with Bell to offer its owners and operators the proven lifesaving technology HeliSAS provides" says Jamie Luster, Genesys Aerosystems Director of Sales and Marketing. "We are also proud to introduce new safety features to HeliSAS for the Bell 505 including airspeed protection and Yaw control," Luster added.

Key features of the Genesys Aerosystems HeliSAS Autopilot and Stability Augmentation System on the Bell 505 include:

- Automatic recovery to near-level flight attitude at all airspeeds

- Stability engagement throughout all phases of flight from startup to shut down

- Autopilot Pitch Control – Altitude Hold, IAS Hold, VS HOLD, GS

- Autopilot Roll Control – HDG Hold, NAV, LOC, VOR

- Optional YAW control

- Over Speed and Under Speed Protection

Contact Bell for pricing of VFR HeliSAS purchased as an option with the Bell 505 helicopter. For current Bell 505 owners, VFR HeliSAS is also offered as a retrofit option in the field through a Genesys Aerosystems approved dealer. Current pricing for the Genesys Aerosystems HeliSAS on the Bell 505 is $70,259 for 2-axis and $85,259 for 3-axis. Pricing includes all equipment required, along with the installation kit; pricing does not include installation of the equipment. Orders are currently accepted through authorized dealers and shipping begins in the coming months. Foreign authority validations are expected to follow shortly after FAA certification.

Contact details from our directory:
Genesys Aerosystems Group, Inc. Radio Communications Equipment, Autopilots, Air-to-Ground Data Links, Electronic Flight Instrument Systems, Flight Management Systems, Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems, Sensors/Transducers, GPS
Bell Helicopter Textron (Canada) Airframer
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