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Kanfit achieves Nadcap accreditation for non-metallic materials testing for composite materials
Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Kanfit Ltd. announced that it has successfully completed a Nadcap audit for Non-Metallic Materials Testing of composite materials. This expands the scope of Kanfit's accreditation for composite materials which now includes captive laboratories for performing Mechanical and Physical Testing of Non Metallic Materials (AC7122P, AC7122/1 and AC7122/2).

Kanfit is already Nadcap accredited for the production of composite parts in autoclave (cureautoclave), out-of-autoclave (cure oven), by RTM (Liquid Resin Infusion) process and for performing mechanical and physical testing (process controls). Kanfit has been Nadcap accredited for Heat Treating & Mechanical Testing of Aluminum since 2008 and Chemical Processing since 2013.

"This is a major achievement for Kanfit and for our Quality Assurance Department," said Kanfit's General Manager Shai Fine. "This certification validates our materials testing capabilities and enables us to better meet the growing demands of our aerospace customers requiring composite components. Kanfit continues to invest in developing its technological expertise and testing capabilities in order to better meet the growing needs of our aerospace customers."

Kanfit recently moved into a new 11,000 sq. meter (118,000 sq. ft.) facility — approximately three times the size of its old one. This new facility will allow the company to expand its investment in technological processes and to become more competitive in the services that it offers. In July 2019, Kanfit entered into a partnership with Rafael Advanced Defense Systems in which Rafael acquired a 50 percent stake in Kanfit, a private company owned by Shai and Shula Fine.

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