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RT-Techpriemka certified the enterprises of Russian Helicopters
Wednesday, 23 September 2020

On September 22, a solemn presentation of certificates of conformity of quality management systems (QMS) to the requirements of the international aviation standard EN 9100 was held to the companies NTsV Mil and Kamov and AAK Progress of the Russian Helicopters holding. The certification was carried out by specialists of the international certification body Rostec-Certificate RT-Techpriemka in partnership with Quality Austria.

Obtaining the certificate confirms that JSC NCV Mil and Kamov and AAK Progress can participate in international cooperation among aviation manufacturers and are able to ensure high quality of manufactured helicopter technology. The EN 9100 standard is recognised by aircraft manufacturers around the world. It focuses on quality, safety and the protection of manufacturers from counterfeit and counterfeit products throughout the entire aviation supply chain.

Safety in the aerospace industry is a critical requirement and an integral part of the competitiveness of products. Today AAK Progress is organising the serial production of a new civilian multipurpose Ka-62 helicopter, which is being designed by NCV Mil and Kamov JSC in the framework of international cooperation with large European companies. Independent international certification of the enterprises of the Russian Helicopters holding enables cooperation with foreign manufacturers of aviation and helicopter equipment, as well as expanding the geography of supplies and obtaining additional orders.

The certificate issued by AAK Progress extends its validity to the production and after-sales service of helicopters. The certificate issued by NCV Mil and Kamov JSC extends to the design, production, testing and repair of helicopters

"Based on the results of the certification audit, the enterprises of JSC NCV Mil and Kamov and AAK Progress have confirmed the high level of compliance of the quality management system with the requirements of the international aviation standard, which makes it possible to effectively manage the production processes of helicopters. The main advantages of implementing a QMS in accordance with EN 9100 are increased productivity, reduced defectiveness and improved quality of products and services provided. It is also worth noting that the risk of production and service errors and critical failures has been reduced, "said Denis Kononchuk, First Deputy General Director of RT-Techpriemka.

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