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ADDAPT calls on Manta Aircraft to build their new personal mobility aircraft on Long Island
Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Robert Botticelli, Chairman of the Board of ADDAPT, Long Island's Defense and Aerospace Trade Organization, hosted over 50 ADDAPT members to listen to Lucas Marchesini, CEO of Manta Aircraft discuss their new ANN Personal Mobility Aircraft. MANTA AIRCRAFT, based in Switzerland, is an engineering design and technology company active in the development of high-tech multi-purpose platforms for electric and hybrid-electric flying vehicles. Manta is looking for a US location to manufacture their ANN Personal Mobility Aircraft with production to start in early 2023.

Chairman Botticelli says, "Long Island's defense and aerospace industries have the expertise and experience to build this aircraft and or supply the major components of this new type of aircraft. Long Island has done it before, and we are ready to lead into the next era of personal mobility aircraft production and use. Long Island is the birthplace and Cradle of Modern Aviation".

"We are thrilled by the prospected opportunity to contribute restoring aircraft production in the 'Cradle of Aviation' – said Manta Aircraft CEO Lucas Marchesini – "and we are proud and eager to respond to the challenge offered to us by aerospace history, to help ADDAPT companies to exploit their own technological background in a program that is being developed at the forward edge of a New Aviation, fostering personal and regional mobility".

Manta anticipates that one-third scale prototypes are ready for flight testing in 2020 with maiden flight of pre-production aircraft scheduled for 2022, and production in 2023. Manta's needs center around electrical systems, tooling suppliers, resin systems and metallic materials, landing gear, supply chain production and site selection of a Long Island facility. Mr. Marchesini said, "we know Long Island's defense and aerospace industries and companies are strong".

Lou Melluzzo, CEO of Air Industries in Bayshore & ADDAPT Board Member says, "Air Industries can provide complete design and build of complex tooling and landing gear systems. I am confident ADDAPT members can build this aircraft on Long Island".

Robert Botticelli says ADDAPT has contacted local officials and municipalities to demonstrate Long Island's aspiration to find a home for Manta and the jobs associated with the design, build and distribution of their new personal aircraft. ADDAPT is committed to working with LI's towns and counties to attract Manta and secure a manufacturing facility on LI. Representative Tom Suozzi, 3rd CD, has made building planes on Long Island one of his priorities and would welcome the aviation jobs to Long Island.

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