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Toray new AMS specification for CMA 3900 prepreg system
Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Toray Composite Materials America, Inc. (CMA) is excited to announce that a new family of structural prepregs are now available with an extensive public allowable design database. The SAE materials committee created a new AMS spec (AMS6891) specifically for Toray's 3900-2 unidirectional and fabric products, these materials can now be procured and certified to the AMS 6891 specification. Five batches of 3900 allowable design data will be published in the next revision of the CMH17 handbook. The allowable test plan and datasets were created in accordance with FAA requirements and are intended for use in the design and certification of commercial, space, and defense primary structural applications.

Toray's 3900 material system has enabled a step-function change in the design of transportation systems by replacing metallic structures with composite materials. The transformation to composite materials significantly reduces structural weights enabling longer range, improved lifecycle costs, and lower carbon emissions than legacy metal designs.

The 3900 system expands Toray's product offerings with readily available allowable datasets, the Toray 2510 out of autoclave prepreg system is also available with existing AMS specifications and has a 3-batch allowable dataset generated by the NIAR/NASA/AGATE consortium. Toray is committed to providing a full range of products with publicly available allowable datasets, and is now working to generate an extensive 5 batch dataset with a next generation T1100/3960 prepreg material.

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