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AIR emerges from stealth to reimagine personal air mobility with consumer AirEVs
Monday, 19 July 2021

AIR came out of stealth to transform personal mobility through the development of eVTOLs (electric vertical takeoff and landing), or airEVs, for the consumer market. The company combines sustainable aerospace innovation with automotive know-how to create airEVs that offer intuitive 'fly by intent' handling and a one-of-a-kind user-centric experience for the everyday flier.

As the transportation sector races towards an all-electric future, the nascent eVTOL market is estimated to reach $12B by 2030, followed by rapid market growth pending large-scale consumer buy-in. While the vast majority of the sector is focused on building commercially piloted or autonomous air taxis for cities, AIR offers an alternative for those who want to enjoy the ultimate freedom of flying on their own terms. Thanks to its vertical take-off and landing capabilities and cutting-edge flight control system, the company's chic and sporty vehicles offer society a completely new and sustainable way to get to any destination.

"Everybody wants to fly, and with AIR, they finally can. We're creating a fun and functional personal airEVs that will blaze a path towards a new era of air mobility accessible to everyone," said AIR CEO and Co-Founder, Rani Plaut. "Our company is building airEVs for the reality we live in and the future of our dreams, putting usability, safety and thrill at the forefront of every product decision so we can put the power of flight in every person's hands."

Combining a sleek, streamlined design with the 'fly by intent' system, AIR gives people the gift of flight while requiring minimal training and upholding the highest safety standards. AIR's passenger airEVs bring the practicality and allure of a sports car to the skies, letting people go on adventures beyond the city limits and redefine the way they move.

AIR's leadership is comprised of veterans of the aviation and automotive industries, harnessing advanced technologies and novel concepts to build flying vehicles based on time-proven engineering design, usability, and operational standards.

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