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The company held the 100th A220 aircraft mid-fuselage off-shelf ceremony
Saturday, 10 July 2021

On the morning of July 9, 2021, the company held the 100th A220 aircraft mid-fuselage off-shelf ceremony. Cheng Long, Chief Operating Officer of Airbus China, Deng Yudong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Company, Zhang Jibo, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, and Vice President Engineer Wu Yonglin attended the celebration ceremony. Deputy General Manager Jiao Yukun presided over the off-board ceremony and introduced the development and production process of the mid-airframe of the A220 aircraft.

Airbus China Chief Operating Officer Cheng Long expressed congratulations to the company and all team members participating in the project. He said that the company is a key supplier of the front and rear fuselages of the A220 project, and also produces work packages for the fuselage, doors and tail cones of the A220 aircraft. This achievement is due to the cooperation between the company and Airbus teams in China, Canada and Europe on a global scale. Both parties will continue to prioritise the safety and quality of all products shipped from China, and develop local resources to fully support Shenfei International to improve its supply chain management capabilities. The Airbus team will work with the company to further improve the delivery process of aircraft components, which will surely lay a solid foundation for supporting the speed increase of the A220 project. Airbus's teams in China, Canada and Europe will continue to support and cooperate with Shenfei International to ensure that the manufacturing and delivery of aircraft components continue to meet Airbus's most stringent quality standards.

Deng Yudong, secretary of the company's party committee and chairman of the board, pointed out in his speech that the A220 project is a strategic cooperation project that the Aviation Industry Group and Airbus attach great importance to. Since the company delivered the first mid-airframe in 2015, the company has achieved the delivery of 100 mid-airframes in six years, achieving the quality target, gradually increasing production, and achieving a 100% on-time delivery rate. The company uses practical actions to interpret the concept of "the only thing that proves our ability is the product". Safety, reliability, high quality, punctuality, and low cost are the important features of the company's A220 airframe section. At the same time, Deng Yudong expressed his sincere gratitude to Airbus, the plant-based team and supplier partners. The achievements of Shenfei International belong to the managers, engineering technicians, operators, and functional support departments and personnel in each position.

Deng Yudong emphasised that the high quality of products is the guarantee of safety; the high delivery rate is the guarantee of economy; the new technology, low-carbon and environmental protection are the guarantee of sustainable development. After 100 aircraft, the company must continue to focus on customer needs, maintain good quality performance and delivery performance, and make preparations for further increase in speed. The company is full of confidence in the future, full of confidence in the future of A220, full of confidence in the cooperation with Airbus, full of confidence in China's civil aircraft manufacturing industry, and full of confidence in the recovery of global civil aircraft manufacturing industry after the new epidemic. This confidence comes from the advancement of products that have been recognised by the market, from our production lines that have been verified hundreds of times, from the maturity of the supply chain of China's civil machine manufacturing industry chain, and from the establishment of a stable development environment through Sino-European cooperation.

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