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Toray achieves industry's first accreditation for thermoplastic prepreg manufacturing from globally recognised NADCAP program
Thursday, 16 March 2023

Toray Advanced Composites is proud to announce becoming the first advanced composites company awarded with new NADCAP accreditation in Non-Metallic Materials Manufacturing – Thermoplastic Prepreg Manufacturing AC7124/6, granted by the NADCAP Management Council.

With large-scale thermoplastic adoption poised for the next stage of development, this certification is the first of its kind to set the foundation of standardised industry requirements. The accreditation AC7124/6 demonstrates Toray Advanced Composites' continued commitment to wide-scale thermoplastic manufacturing innovation. “Toray Advanced Composites becomes the first and only advanced composite company to hold this prestigious honor. We continually strive to provide the best thermoplastic prepreg composites solutions to our customers by producing and testing material under the stringent requirements of NADCAP,” comments Paul Adams, Director of Quality. With over four decades of innovation and pedigree with Toray Cetex®, Toray Advanced Composites continues to lead the wide-scale adoption of next-generation thermoplastic composites for aerospace, defense, commercial, and industrial applications.

NADCAP, or National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program, is a critical, rigorous conformity accreditation program that follows strict requirements standardised by government and industry leaders within the aerospace, defense, and related industries. With the accreditation, Toray Advanced Composites solidifies its total and complete commitment to quality and safety to customers and stakeholders with standardised quality assurance at each touchpoint of production for thermosets and Cetex® thermoplastic composite materials.

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