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Urban air travel, Geely Aerofugia's self-developed flying car debut
Friday, 26 August 2022

On August 25, 2022, the AAMIC Future Air Traffic International Forum hosted by the Royal Aeronautical Society China (Shanghai) Representative Office was held in Shanghai. Geely Aerofugia announced the TF-2 flying car full-scale technology verification machine and its development progress during the forum, and Geely's low-altitude travel picture is slowly unfolding.

Dr. Guo Liang, President and Chief Scientist of Geely, gave a detailed interpretation of the application and market prospect of AAM advanced air traffic in different application fields, and shared Geely's air travel operation plan and products.

Relying on excellent management and R&D team, accurate travel product positioning, and rich airworthiness experience endowed by international resources, Aerofugia proposed the overall solution for low-altitude travel with TF-2 pure electric vertical take-off and landing manned aircraft as the core plan.

TF-2 is a pure electric vertical take-off and landing 5-seater flying vehicle/eVTOL independently developed by Aerofugia, which can meet the needs of zero-emission, low-noise, and high-frequency commercial operations within cities or between cities. TF-2 has reasonable and feasible product capabilities that meet typical usage scenarios, has competitive operating economy and outstanding configuration expansion capabilities, and can provide coverage of urban circles at 1/4~1/6 of the operating cost of helicopters. Travel services from business to general public. At present, the TF-2 full-scale technical verification machine has completed the final assembly and rolled off the assembly line, and it is expected to achieve its first flight by the end of 2022.

Aerofugia has broken through the key technology of the tilting dynamic process, and has completed the verification process of the tilting dynamics of the TF-2 scaled prototype. At this forum, Aerofugia also showed for the first time the video of the tilting flight of the scaled prototype in the early stage.

Aerofugia is committed to the world's leading practice in the commercial operation of low-altitude intelligent transportation. While aiming at the end result, it insists on gradually realizing the world's leading application of low-altitude travel, and develops two major markets: low-altitude travel and low-altitude logistics.

1. Traveling at low altitude

Aiming at the large-scale commercial operation of low-altitude travel, with the means of positive research and development, comprehensive airworthiness and demonstration operation, the business focuses on the sales of diversified low-altitude travel products, customer service and continuous airworthiness guarantee.

2. Low altitude logistics

Based on the field of "sub-branch lines" (within 500km), we will help customize logistics innovation and upgrade traditional logistics services with a comprehensive product layout.

While adhering to the independence of core technology, Aerofugia long-air and low-altitude travel business adheres to an open and cooperative attitude, actively cooperates with international advanced resources, and established a joint venture company: Volocopter, in September 2021, with Volocopter - the global leader in airworthiness certification in the field of UAM urban air transportation. Thailand, jointly promote bilateral airworthiness certification of products, and actively work with partners to carry out infrastructure construction, operation and air traffic management.

Geely Aerofugia aims at the end result of large-scale commercial operation of low-altitude travel, and cooperates with upstream and downstream partners to focus on aircraft research and development, airworthiness certification and commercial operation. The integration of land and air, the smart three-dimensional travel ecology is coming!

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