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Toray Advanced Composites announces new strengthened polyamide thermoplastic material for high-performance applications.
Thursday, 4 April 2024

Toray Advanced Composites, a leader in developing and producing advanced thermoplastic and thermoset composite materials, is pleased to introduce the new product Toray Cetex® TC915 PA+™ into its extensive portfolio. Toray Cetex® TC915 PA+™ is excellent for sporting goods, high-performance industrial applications, automotive structure, energy (oil/gas & hydrogen), Urban Air Mobility (UAM), and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) applications.

The latest addition to the Toray Cetex® product line introduces enhanced technical specifications, offering increased strength, higher stiffness, higher temperature stability, and lower moisture absorption. This new high-performance thermoplastic material complements Toray Cetex® TC910.

"TC915 is a remarkable thermoplastic material with exceptional mechanical properties higher than typical polyamide-based composites and Nylon material. Toray TC915 PA+™ is a natural addition to our Cetex® portfolio. These enhanced characteristics allow structural components to withstand and perform well in high-stress conditions at elevated temperatures, which is crucial for demanding markets prioritizing safety and performance for their end-users. We take pride in our commitment to engineering cutting-edge technology and advancing applications across multiple industries," said Mark Mielke, Director of Product and Market Strategy, USA.

Toray Cetex® TC915 PA+™ is a thermoplastic composite unidirectional (UD) tape that uses a high-performance polyamide resin that can be processed by ATL and AFP, wrapping, and thermoforming.

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