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First metal is cut for A321 XLR additional fuel tank
Sunday, 12 July 2020
Previous experience in making integral fuel tanks for the Eurofighter, and its Augsburg facility is now making progress on the first long-range tank for Airbus's new flagship of the A320 series.

Premium AEROTEC has cut the first metal for the first rear centre tank for the Airbus A321 XLR in Augsburg.

The A321 XLR's range of almost 9,000 kilometres is achieved by the aircraft carrying significantly more fuel than the previous version. This is made possible by a permanently installed tank in the rear fuselage part of the aircraft below the floor, which makes maximum use of the existing structure and the entire fuselage cross section of the cargo hold. The integral tank is integrated in sections 15 and 17 in the rear fuselage. For the first time, the maximum take-off weight of an aircraft from the A320 family increases to over 100 tons. To do this statically, the structure and landing gear of the aircraft are reinforced. The A321 XLR also has stronger brakes and new, one-piece flaps on the inside of the wings.

In addition to longer ranges, this innovative aircraft will also use around 30 per cent less fuel compared to previous generations of aircraft. Over 450 orders were placed in the first six months after the official launch of this long-haul version.

Premium AEROTEC was commissioned by Airbus in September 2019 to manufacture the rear centre tank. It had previously secured a demanding work package on the type at the end of 2018, and is responsible for the changes in section 17, in which the rear centre tank will later be inserted as a segment. Premium AEROTEC is therefore responsible for all reinforcements in the structural areas of sections 15, 17 and 19 as well as the floor cross members.

"We are very pleased that Airbus entrusted us with the production of this technically sophisticated structure and that we were able to successfully perform the first metal cut for the rear centre tank today. Given the large number of orders, I am convinced that this innovative long-haul aircraft will be a great success," says CEO Dr. Thomas Ehm. Premium AEROTEC also manufactures the Eurofighter fuselage centre section, which contains a comparable integral tank and is also produced in Augsburg, according to Ehm.

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