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Liebherr delivers first stand-alone electronic systems
Thursday, 13 August 2020
Liebherr is celebrating progress with its work on the Boeing 777 and 787 steering systems. These are the first full package stand-alone electronics units built by the company.

Qualification testing of milestone stand-alone electronics systems supplied by Liebherr to Boeing is nearing a successful conclusion. The units are the Nose Wheel Steering Remote Electronics Unit for the 787 and the Main Gear Steering Control Unit for the 777, and mark the first time Liebherr has supplied stand-alone electronics, hardware with a software operation system, as well as application software to integrate into dedicated aircraft systems.

The projects started in the second half of 2018, followed by an on-time design and the implementation phase. The company provided the first engineering prototype units for testing at Boeing in February 2020, after intense testing at the Liebherr facilities.

Boeing engineers have now successfully carried out development tests and continue to perform testing to confirm the correct operation of the components. The Boeing and Liebherr Teams are working closely together on the final reviews and preparation for qualification testing and have passed a Critical Design Review.

"The high level of functionality and maturity of the Liebherr products is already evident from the engineering tests completed, which will support a successful qualification phase in advance of Liebherr's serial release and Boeing's subsequent entry into service on the 777 family and 787," the company says.

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