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Serial production of the Mi-35P begins at Rostvertol
Saturday, 22 August 2020
A first contract for a foreign customer has triggered the start of serial production of the Mi-35P. It combines the battle experience of the Mi-24 family with the latest Russian achievements in the field of avionics.

Russian Helicopters has launched serial production of the upgraded Mi-35P attack helicopter at the Rostvertol plant. The first serial model completed its type-specific flight tests, receiving confirmation of the declared performance characteristics and implemented changes in its design.

During the tests, taking place on the premises of Rostvertol and the National Helicopter Center Mil&Kamov, Mi-35P performed a number of flights using new weapons and onboard equipment. The tests resulted into finalisation of the helicopter's design documentation, confirming the model's readiness for mass production.

The upgraded Mi-35P is equipped with an upgraded target sight system with 3rd generation long-wave matrix thermal imaging, a high-resolution color TV camera and a laser rangefinder. The helicopter also comes with modern 3+ generation night vision goggles and a set of external and internal lighting equipment adapted for the use with them. New digital flight control system improves the controllability and stability of the helicopter and provides automation of piloting processes to support the pilot. In addition, a modernized targeting and computing system will increase the accuracy of target engagement.

Mi-35P is armed with a mobile 23 mm twin-barreled cannon and S-8 rockets, and can be refitted with suspended containers with 23 mm cannons, S-13 rockets, Ataka ATGM's with a twin-channel control system, with Vikhr-1 or Vikhr-1M guided missiles.

Improved performance in combination with the improved flight and navigation systems allow Mi-35P to fly at any time of the day in simple or moderately difficult weather conditions, both under visual and instrument flying rules, in diverse geographical conditions, including over non-landmark terrain. At the same time, the helicopter retains its capability of using both guided and unguided weapons under all conditions. Mi-35P design provides the helicopter with improved combat survivability and reduces maintenance burden.

"Mi-35P was created in cooperation with Rostec's enterprises and combines the best qualities of the legendary Mi-24 family, hardened in air combat around the world, and the latest Russian achievements in the field of avionics. Last year we demonstrated the aircraft to a number of potential customers, and today we can confidently say that the helicopter is in demand, we have launched serial production of Mi-35P under the first contract with a foreign customer," says Director General of Russian Helicopters Andrey Boginsky.

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National Centre for Helicopter Engineering, MIL (was MIL Moscow Helicopter) Airframer
Russian Helicopters, JSC Airframer
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