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Airbus team claims milestone in wing-tip design
Wednesday, 14 October 2020
Freely flapping wing-tips can be capable of reacting and flexing to wind gusts in a way that improves aircraft performance, and the AlbatrossONE has now flown with longer wing-tips than ever.

The AlbatrossONE demonstrator has successfully achieved a new milestone: a "gate-to-gate" demonstration with wing-tips that are 75% longer than those tested in the first phase. This latest flight test campaign proves freely flapping wing-tips can alleviate wing loads and avoid tip stall for improved aircraft performance.

Thanks to its uncanny ability to travel over long distances with little fatigue, the albatross seabird has a lot to teach aeronautical engineers about improving aircraft performance. And the Airbus AlbatrossONE project team is taking keen interest in this majestic seabird, putting the principles of freely flapping wing-tips - capable of reacting and flexing to wind gusts - to the test.

This small-scale, remote-controlled aircraft demonstrator, which features "semi-aeroelastic" hinged wing-tips, recently completed a successful second flight test campaign.

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