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Thales to steer Flying Whales with avionics suite
Thursday, 7 October 2021
The LCA60T airship will have its avionics suite and flight control computer supplied by Thales. It is designed to carry up to 60 tonnes of cargo and to load and offload in stationary flight to serve hard to reach locations.

Flying Whales has chosen Thales' certifiable FlytX avionics suite and flight control computer for its LCA60T airship. The solutions will provide the capabilities needed to ensure a safe flight and optimum manoeuvrability.

Thales will supply the dual screen version of its FlytX avionics suite and its latest generation critical flight control computer. Flying Whales and Thales both have roots in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of southwest France and will work hand in hand to achieve full certification of the airship.

To help ensure a sustainable future, the heavy lift airship developed by Flying Whales combines huge payload capacity with operational flexibility. The LCA60T (Large Capacity Airship - 60 Tonnes) is designed to carry up to 60 tonnes of cargo and to load and offload in stationary flight to serve hard to reach locations.

The FlytX "cockpit of the future" solution has been well received by helicopter pilots and is suited to the specific needs of future LCA60T aircrews. Based on the latest digital technologies and featuring two 15 inch touchscreen interfaces, it includes an intuitive user interface to provide quick and easy access to information, reduce pilot workload and maximise performance and safety.

The flight control computer relays instructions from the pilots to the actuators and playing a critical role in ensuring precise control of the airship. Thales plans to develop a new generation of flight control computers in Quebec that will combine high levels of integrity and performance with a compact form factor.

"Thales has really taken into account our specific needs as an innovator to integrate their avionics solution on the LCA60T. The success of our airship hinges on our ability to work with real partners that can offer the flexibility and agility we need to complete our development work, and Thales is a prime example of that kind of partner," says Vincent Guibout, vice ceo and chief technical officer of Flying Whales.

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