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CJ3 Gen2 becomes the latest in Textron's Citation line-up
Wednesday, 18 October 2023
One of the most notable changes in the cockpit is an added 4.5 inches of legroom for the pilot, allowing a comfortable and focused flight experience.

Textron Aviation has unveiled the latest variant in its Citation CJ3 line, the Gen2, currently under development and expected to enter into service in 2025.

The aircraft offers a proven and trusted avionics system with the latest Garmin G3000 software and hardware, including: Garmin Autothrottles to reduce pilot workload and provide flight-envelope protection; optional Enhanced Vision System (EVS) to provide improved clarity and optimized situational awareness; intuitive touch screen interface; and GDL60 for aircraft connectivity, including remote transmission of flight plans, automatic database updates, as well as wireless transmission of aircraft diagnostic data.

One of the most notable changes in the cockpit is an added 4.5 inches of legroom for the pilot, allowing a comfortable and focused flight experience.

“The Cessna Citation CJ3 Gen2 is our most comprehensive Gen2 product announcement yet, offering customers proven performance, leading edge technology and an unmatched cabin experience,” says Ron Draper, President and CEO, Textron Aviation. “As a pilot of the CJ3 series, I appreciate the aircraft's excellent range, payload and efficiency, along with new productivity and comfort features. This announcement is a testament to our vision to be the leader in aviation, inspiring the journey of flight.”

The Citation CJ3 Gen2 was designed with input from a Textron Aviation Customer Advisory Board, made up of owners, pilots and mechanics who know what makes the ultimate aircraft experience. This feedback was key in every detailed enhancement in the aircraft, from cockpit to cabin.

“The Cessna Citation CJ3 Gen2 was designed to feel as good to the pilot as it does to the passenger,” adds Lannie O'Bannion, senior vice president, Global Sales and Flight Operations. “The aircraft is built upon two decades of success in the market and is the latest example of Textron Aviation's commitment to constantly innovate and bring the best products and experiences to our customers.”

The Citation CJ3 Gen2 will offer standard seating for 10 passengers. With a maximum range of 2,040 nm and a maximum payload of 2,135 pounds, the Citation CJ3 Gen2 offers excellent range, payload and superior field performance to enable pilots to achieve a variety of missions in extensive conditions.

A new entryway step design and assist handle, along with enhanced lighting for improved visibility, provide comfort and ease to customers entering the Citation CJ3 Gen2. The fully customizable luxury interior allows customers to create their ideal environment for their specific mission andmdash; relaxation, innovation or productivity.

In the Citation CJ3 Gen2, customers can choose between a fixed side-facing seat, a modern refreshment centre for expanded cabinet storage, or a folding side-facing seat to carry an additional passenger or additional luggage. The aircraft also features an optional high-power outlet for a coffee machine, ice and trash storage, and the incorporation of a cabin master control switch panel.

Moving into the cabin, customers will experience: New seats with base and floor tracking capability and optional swivel functionality; new RGB accent lights to personalize the cabin environment with changeable, ambient lighting; USB-C power at every seat, as well as wireless charging in the main cabin; top-loading executive and slimline tables; and lighted side pockets for additional storage.

In the rear of the aircraft, customers will appreciate the new CoolView skylights in the lavatory, which bring natural light into the space, as well as a new optional sink and vanity design with a dedicated water supply. For added convenience, the Citation CJ3 Gen2 includes an externally serviceable lavatory.

“Our talented team members at Textron Aviation have proven their commitment to designing and delivering new industry-leading products based on our customers' feedback,” says Christi Tannahill, senior vice president, Customer Experience. “We look forward to exceeding their expectations again with the new Cessna Citation CJ3 Gen2.”

Like all Cessna and Beechcraft turbine products, the Citation CJ3 Gen2 will be able to operate using Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). All CJ3 Gen2 aircraft may be delivered with SAF onboard, and customers can refuel using SAF wherever available, including at the company's Wichita Service Center.

The company is committed to conscious manufacturing and features sustainably sourced interior materials in the aircraft. Textron Aviation also utilizes a robust recycling program and industrial wastewater pretreatment plants. According to the company's energy supplier, Textron Aviation used 100 percent renewable wind electricity to power all of its Kansas-based facilities in 2022.

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