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Dynamatic and AKAER will build fuselage for D328eco
Thursday, 14 March 2024
Deutsche Aircraft has spread the manufacturing workload all around the world, appointing D328eco fuselage manufacturing partners in India and Brazil.

Brazil's AKAER is to manufacture the forward fuselage of the D328eco, while India's Dynamatic Technologies will make the rear.

AKAER's role includes industrialisation, tooling, prototype and related studies, drawing on its expertise in design engineering and capabilities in designing and delivering large structural assemblies for the aerospace industry worldwide. Brazil has solidified its position as the third-largest aircraft manufacturing country in the world.

"The D328eco signifies a major milestone in global aviation, heralding more sustainable and efficient flights. For AKAER, being a part of this significant project and playing a fundamental role in producing the forward fuselage is a source of great pride, further solidifying our position as a Tier 1 company," says Cesar Silva, CEO.

"The commitment and experience showcased by AKAER throughout this process was pivotal in our decision-making, AKAER is one of the key players in the Brazilian Aerospace industry which is why we are excited to collaborate on this project for the front fuselage which is a milestone in the D328eco programme," adds Dave Jackson, CEO of Deutsche Aircraft.

“This collaboration underscores the acknowledgment of AKAER's excellence and 32 years of experience in the aeronautical industry. The selection process was meticulous. We considered AKAER's commitment, customer focus and exemplary experience, which were instrumental in securing this significant project for the D328eco programme,” concludes Maximilan Fahr, Vice President Supply Chain of Deutsche Aircraft.

Dynamatic Technologies meanwhile will focus on producing the rear fuselage for the 40-seater D328eco regional turboprop aircraft, so marking a significant moment for the "Make in India” initiative.

Udayant Malhoutra, CEO and Managing Director of Dynamatic Technologies, expressed his pleasure in the collaboration, saying, "We are excited to partner with Deutsche Aircraft on the production of the rear fuselage for the D328eco aircraft. Dynamatic's expertise in aerospace engineering and manufacturing combined with Deutsche Aircraft's vision for innovation in regional air transport will pave the way for a successful partnership."

Dave Jackson adds, “By partnering with Dynamatic Technologies, we are excited to team up with a key global player with its fast-growing aviation and aerospace industry as well as contributing to the “Make in India” initiative to make India a key global hub for the aviation supply chain. Dynamatic Technologies is one of the most important aerospace suppliers for global commercial OEMs. It has an extensive track record in the aerospace industry and will be a significant partner for the manufacturing of the D328eco.”

Maximilan Fahr, Vice President Supply Chain of Deutsche Aircraft, adds, “This partnership with Dynamatic Technologies signifies our ability to cooperate with the best in the field and further leverage our supply chain resilience. As India is a key market for us in the APAC region, we are excited about this collaboration that represents a long-term commitment in India.”

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