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Kordsa opens technical centre in California for next-gen composites
Wednesday, 5 June 2024
The focus will be on high-temperature resistant materials for jet engines, hypersonic flight systems and hydrogen fuel cells, as well as sustainable solutions for commercial aviation, interior and structural applications.

Kordsa has opened its third technical centre, this time in North America, in Santa Ana, California, through its subsidiary Axiom Materials Inc.

The new technical centre Kordsa Advanced Materials Inc. Technical Centre strengthens Kordsa’s commitment to global innovation, and 'Innovate Everywhere' vision. The centre will focus on developing cutting-edge materials specifically for the mobility, aviation and space technology sectors.

It will house a team of specialised scientists and engineers dedicated to researching and developing next-generation materials. Their focus areas will include high-temperature resistant materials for jet engines, hypersonic flight systems, and hydrogen fuel cells. Additionally, the center will explore sustainable solutions for commercial aviation, interior and structural applications, alongside bio-based and recyclable materials for the mobility sector.

Kordsa's CEO İbrahim Özgür Yıldırım says: "Customer proximity is not limited to production facilities, but also in keeping up with cutting-edge technology and innovation. The way to create long-term partnerships with your customers lies in keeping pace with the industry, understanding evolving needs across geographies, and developing solutions for today and the future. The approach we have set forth as 'Innovate Everywhere' is a summary of our customer-centric understanding. In line with this, we took the first step last year with the Asia Pacific Technical Center we opened in Indonesia. In November, we extended this innovation power to Europe with the Sabancı Technology Center. Now, we are taking a similar step in the USA. Thus, within 1 year, we have established 3 technical centers on 3 continents."

Highlighting their commitment to rapidly developing sustainable new technologies for their customers in America with the technical center they opened in the USA, Ibrahim Özgür Yıldırım says, "Santa Ana, which hosts our technical center, is of great importance for the aviation and space technology industries in the USA. The world's leading companies in their fields are located in this region. We believe that the technologies and advanced materials we develop here will open up new business partnership opportunities with these companies. On the other hand, this center will collaborate on joint projects with our RandD centers in Turkey and our other technical centers, contributing to Kordsa's advanced material vision through the synergy they create."

Hüseyin Ateş, the CTO of Kordsa adds: "As Kordsa, we are well aware that the path to new technologies goes through innovation. In this journey extending from innovation to disruptive technologies, North America stands out as one of the world's most important centers. Especially in the field of composite technologies, this facility we have opened in North America, which we see as one of the world's centers of intelligence production, will contribute to Kordsa's global corporate vision on one hand, and will also provide us with very important new technological capabilities on the other. Through the technologies developed in this center, we will create value-added solutions to meet the future needs of our customers while also opening up new horizons for Kordsa in the advanced materials field."

In addition to Axiom Materials, Kordsa Advanced Materials Technical Center Inc. will also serve as a hub for innovation for Kordsa's other US-based companies: Fabric Development Inc. and Textile Products Inc. This co-location will foster collaboration and synergy among these Kordsa entities, further accelerating the company's innovation drive.

Kordsa, a subsidiary of Sabancı Holding, has a proven track record of innovation. Its diverse product portfolio caters to a wide range of applications, including those in the tire and construction reinforcement, composite technologies and compounding.

The opening of this new centre marks a major milestone for Kordsa, solidifying its position as a leader in the development of future materials for the critical aviation and space sectors. Kordsa's commitment extends beyond this center, fostering collaboration with universities and research institutions in the region, establishing it as an open innovation hub.

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