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Sikorsky S-92 Superhawk


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Medium multi mission helicopter powered by twin turboshaft engines. Includes military variants H-92 Superhawk, CH-148 Cyclone (Canadian A.F.), the modified S-92A+ and S-92B (for offshore and SAR) and VH-92 (U.S. Presidential transport).

Lift typeRotary wingSearch for other aircraft programs with these properties on the Aircraft Programs directory page.
Construction typeFactory-built
Control typePiloted
Engine typeTurboshaft

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Supply chain

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Management Professional Services (1)
Components Actuation (4) Electrical Components (1) Lighting (1) Mechanical Components (1) Structural Components (2) Valves (1)
Airframe Systems Airframe Assemblies (10) Cabin Interiors (2) Fluid Power (2) Safety & Security Systems (2)
Avionics Flight and Data Management (2) Indicators and Instruments (2)
Power Systems Electrical Power Systems (2) Engine Components (1) Engines (2) Fuel Systems (2) Power Transmission (1)
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Management / Professional Services

Dayton T. Brown, Inc. Analysis Technical Manuals:

Components / Actuation

Aernnova Aerospace Mexico Analysis Hydraulic Actuators:
Collins Aerospace, Mechanical Systems - Actuation Analysis Servoactuators: Fly-by-wire primary flight control actuation; main rotor servos
Héroux-Devtek (CESA) Analysis Hydraulic Actuators: Ramp actuation system
Whippany Actuation Systems Analysis Electromechanical Actuators: Blade fold actuator, rotor index actuator, tail rotor index actuator

Components / Electrical Components

Components / Lighting

Trakka Systems Analysis Searchlights:

Components / Mechanical Components

Mason Controls Analysis Engine Control Quadrants: Throttle quadrant; Control Grips: Pilot control grips

Components / Structural Components

Arconic Power and Propulsion (Arconic TITAL) Analysis Metal & Alloy Castings: Aluminium & titanium investment castings
Clifford-Jacobs Forging Analysis Metal & Alloy Forgings: Transmission components (gear forgings)

Components / Valves

Lee Products Ltd. Analysis Hydraulic System Valves:

Airframe Systems / Airframe Assemblies

AERnnova Analysis Empennages: Equipped transition section & tail cone; Helicopter Assemblies: Main rotor pylon, fairings & engine cowlings
Aernnova Aerospace Mexico Analysis Empennages: Horizontal stabilizer; Fuselage Sections: Rear fuselage (ATT) & aft transition tailcone
Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC) Analysis Fuselage Sections: Cockpit
Aurora Flight Sciences, a Boeing Company Analysis Fuselage Sections: Upper clamshell; Aircraft Doors: Lower airstair door, and slider door for the search-and-rescue configured variant
Changhe Aircraft Industry Group Co. (CHAIG) Analysis | News Helicopter Assemblies: Tail pylon
CPI Aerostructures Analysis | News Aircraft Doors: Forward emergency exit kits; Aircraft Doors: Door assemblies
Elbit Systems Cyclone Ltd Analysis Helicopter Assemblies: Sponsons
Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation Analysis Fuselage Sections: Main cabin
Tata Advanced Systems Limited Analysis | News Fuselage Sections: Cabin fuselage assembly
Tata Sikorsky Ltd Analysis | News Fuselage Sections: Cabin

Airframe Systems / Cabin Interiors

AERnnova Analysis Aircraft Interiors: Cabin interiors
Unique Instruments & Mfrs. Pvt. Ltd. Analysis Seating Tracks: Seat tracks and fuselage structural components (via Tata Advanced Systems)

Airframe Systems / Fluid Power

Aernnova Aerospace Mexico Analysis Hydraulic Systems & Equipment:
Héroux-Devtek (CESA) Analysis Hydraulic Pumps: Hand pumps; Accumulators: Accumulator & start valve for emergency APU start

Airframe Systems / Safety & Security Systems

GKN Aerospace Analysis Flotation Gear: Emergency flotation system
Heads Up Technologies Inc. Analysis | News Warning Systems/Equipment: Aural warning generator (H-92 variant)

Avionics / Flight and Data Management

Collins Aerospace, Sensors & Integrated Systems Analysis | News Health & Usage Monitoring:
General Dynamics Mission Systems Analysis Flight Management Systems: Mission system integration (CH-148 Cyclone variant)

Avionics / Indicators and Instruments

L3 Aviation Products Analysis Electronic Flight Instrument Systems: GH-3100 electronic standby instrument system
Northrop Grumman LITEF GmbH Analysis Attitude and Heading Reference Systems: LCR-100 AHRS (S-92A)

Power Systems / Electrical Power Systems

Electromech Technologies Analysis Electric Motors: Backup hydraulic system motor
Radiant Power Corporation Analysis | News Airborne Electrical Power Supplies: Sentinel Recorder Independent Power Supply (RIPS) flight voice recorder emergency power system

Power Systems / Engine Components

Aernnova Aerospace Mexico Analysis Engine Housings: Engine cowling; Engine Pylons: Main rotor pylon (composites)

Power Systems / Engines

GE Aircraft Engines Analysis | News Turboshaft Engines: CT7-8A engines; CT7-8A6 option for S-92A+ and S-92.
Safran Helicopter Engines Analysis Turboshaft Engines: RTM322 engine (option)

Power Systems / Fuel Systems

Meggitt Polymers & Composites (USA) Analysis | News Fuel Tanks & Systems: Sponson fuel system
Safran Aerosystems Analysis Fuel Tanks & Systems: Flexible fuel tanks

Power Systems / Power Transmission

Production / Production Equipment

Laselec SA Analysis Marking Equipment: Cable & wire laser marking equipment

Testing / Test Services

CTA - Aeronautical Technologies Centre Analysis Fatigue Testing: Static & fatigue tests on horizontal stabiliser
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