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KAI LAH/LCH | Airframer | Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd.

Airbus Helicopters and KAI seal the deal.

Korea's LAH enters serial production phase

This follows the recent launch of the joint development of new KUH variants, such as the Marine Attack Helicopter and Mine Countermeasure Helicopter, and will enable deliveries to begin in 2024.

The first Light Civil Helicopter will fly EMS missions.

Korea's LAH on track for certification soon

Building on the completion of the LAH, Airbus and KAI are preparing new joint development programmes. These will leverage Airbus' technical know-how in helicopter drive systems and flight control systems.

The team celebrates the conclusion of low-temperature testing.

Northern exposure is completed for Korea's LAH

During two months in the biting cold of northern Canada KAI tested 165 items on its light armed helicopter. Performance, vibration, and load by exposure to cryogenic temperatures all came under scrutiny.

11/12/2020Press Release:
KAI announces the LAH is ’suitable for provisional combat’. (Photo: KAI)
KAI, small armed helicopter (LAH) 'suitable for provisional combat'
05/12/2019Press Release:
KAI succeeded in the first flight of the LCH 2nd prototype

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