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Tecnam P2006T

In the coming months, the X-57 project will begin a series of test flights.

Maxwell powers up from its own installed batteries

Random vibration acceptance testing for all the cruise motor controllers for the X-57 have taken place to make sure that all the systems stay functional while they endure the vibration environment expected during flight.

02/11/2021Press Release:
NASA carried out ground vibration tests on the X-57, simulating the stresses it would experience during a real flight. (Photo: Hottinger Bruel & Kjaer)
Vibration tests boost NASA's electric aircraft project
The all-electric X-57 has successfully completed high-voltage ground testing.

All-electric Maxwell powers past a testing milestone

One NASA goal is to establish the X-57 as a reference platform for integrated approaches of distributed electric propulsion technologies. Next up, the X-57 will undergo verification and validation testing.

10/05/2021Press Release:
NASA's all-electric X-57 Maxwell continues to undergo high-voltage ground testing with successful spinning of the propellers under electric power at NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center in California. (Photo: NASA / Lauren Hughes)
X-57 high-voltage testing continues
Wind tunnel tests of the propeller designs are under way.

Props for first all-electric X-plane face the tunnel

The X-57 will be powered by twelve electric high-lift motors with propeller blades that fold away during cruise, emerging again for the landing phase. Wind tunnel testing has begun.

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