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Triumph and Boeing restructure and extend systems contracts
Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Triumph Group announced that it has secured multiple contract extensions with Boeing Commercial Airplanes, which will extend their collaboration on critical system components. The agreements extend Triumph's position as a top tier supplier of hydraulic components across multiple Boeing programs. The contracts highlight Triumph's strategic focus on high-value systems offerings including actuation, hydraulic and fueling systems, geared solutions, as well as maintenance, repair and overhaul offerings, and demonstrate Triumph's progress in improving operational execution and reshaping its portfolio around proprietary solutions.

The three contract extensions, which were signed in the last month, secure Triumph's position as a systems provider for Boeing platforms. Under the contracts, Triumph's Actuation Products & Services operating company will manufacture the components at three of its U.S. based sites.

Triumph's facility in Clemmons, North Carolina will begin work later this year to fulfill an extended long-term multi-year agreement for hydraulic actuation components for complex landing gear valves and thrust reverser cowl doors for the single aisle platforms.

Triumph Actuation Products & Services has secured a multi-year contract extension to supply Boeing 787 Dreamliner landing gear components. The follow-on contract is for hydraulic locking actuators, transducers and control valve components on all 787 variants. Triumph has supplied these systems and components for the 787 aircraft since the program's inception and provides related repair and overhaul maintenance for other supplier partners and operators. The contract extension reaffirms Triumph's commitment to the 787 program and extends the company's strong working relationship with Boeing for years to come.

Lastly, the Triumph site in Valencia, California has secured a multi-year contract extension to provide hydraulic accumulators, manifolds as well as steering and locking actuators for multiple legacy platforms. The Valencia site achieved a Silver Delivery Rating from Boeing and maintained it for 12 consecutive months. The contract bolsters the Triumph site's existing business base, and highlights signs of a commercial aviation recovery.

"We are proud to continue our longstanding relationship with Boeing and support their various commercial programs as rates rebound following the pandemic," said Scott Ledbetter, President of Triumph Actuation Products & Services operating company.

William Kircher, Executive Vice President for Triumph Group added, "Triumph's proprietary actuation products and services are expected to boost our revenue and profitability in the years to come."

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