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Lockheed Martin Sikorsky-Boeing adds to team DEFIANT
Thursday, 31 March 2022

Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company and Boeing announced six new members of Team DEFIANT. These supplier teammates will join the team to support DEFIANT X, the advanced helicopter for the U.S. Army's Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA) competition.

Joining the team are:

- ATI, Cudahy, Wisconsin: gearbox forgings

- Collins Aerospace, Windsor Locks, Connecticut: Perigon flight control and vehicle management computer; and Colorado Springs, Colorado: aircraft seats

- Parker Aerospace, Irvine, California: flight controls; and Kalamazoo, Michigan: hydraulic pumps and modules

- Magnaghi Aeronautica, Medford, New York: landing gear

- Marotta Controls, Boonton, New Jersey: electrical power system components

"Team DEFIANT is building a strong nationwide supply chain to provide the Army a transformational aircraft," said Paul Lemmo, president of Sikorsky. "This team and its proven experience will ensure that DEFIANT X is a low-risk, reliable and survivable aircraft for our Soldiers and the Army's long-range assault mission."

"DEFIANT X is the right aircraft, made by the right team, for the Army's FLRAA mission," said Mark Cherry, vice president and general manager of Boeing Vertical Lift. "Leveraging many existing supplier relationships, we've put together the best industry team to deliver a purpose-built, low-risk and cost-effective next-generation aircraft that can operate across multiple theatres, well into the future."

These companies were selected based on exceptional performance and experience supporting the U.S. Army's venerable Black Hawks, Apaches and Chinooks. The team's exceptional performance will continue to ensure efficiency and affordability throughout DEFIANT X's lifecycle, by embracing the Army's Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) requirements and continuing to embrace advanced manufacturing techniques already used to design and manufacture the Army's current fleet.

The team previously announced that Honeywell will provide its new HTS7500 turboshaft engine to power DEFIANT X.

Also this week, the Lockheed Martin Sikorsky-Boeing SB>1 DEFIANT helicopter arrived in Nashville to give U.S. Army Aviators a first-hand look at this impressive aircraft at the Army Aviation Association of America's annual summit.

Army aviators at the summit will be able to see how Team DEFIANT is revolutionizing Future Vertical Lift, one of the Army's top modernisation priorities, with a focus on transforming the Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft program's capabilities, production and sustainment resulting in lower-life cycle costs. The result is DEFIANT X a complete weapon system that builds on the handling qualities and capabilities proven by the team's technology demonstrator, SB>1 DEFIANT.

The contract award for the U.S. Army's Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft is expected this year.

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Collins Aerospace, Power & Controls Division AC/DC Generators, Bleed Air Systems, Onboard Computers, Mechanical Actuators, Fuel Pumps, Flow Control Valves, Fuel Tanks & Systems, Valves, Automatic Flight Control Systems, Engine Controls, Starters, Pneumatic Systems Equipment, Cooling Systems, Ice Protection/Prevention Equipment, Air Conditioning Equipment, Air Cycle Machines, Gearboxes, Fly-by-Wire Systems, Cabin Pressure Control Systems, Turbine Engine Starters, Flight Management Systems, Vibration Damping Materials, Fuel Inerting Systems
Marotta Controls, Inc. Valves, Additive Manufacturing, Rotary Actuators, Vent Valves, Vibration Testing, Solenoid Valves, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Motors, Electromechanical Assemblies, Inflation Gear, Manifolds & Ducts, Boring & Drilling Services, Acoustic Testing Services, Hydraulic Systems & Equipment, Airborne Electrical Power Supplies, Power Conversion Equipment, Electromechanical Actuators, Check Valves, Flow Control Valves, Hydraulic System Valves, Pressure Control Valves, Relief Valves, Electric Power Controllers, Linear Actuators, Mechanical Actuators, Power Distribution Equipment, Solenoids
MA Group (Magnaghi Aeronautica) Test Equipment, Hydraulic Test Equipment, Wing Spoilers, Wing Flaps, Aircraft Doors, Aircraft Landing Gear, Brake System Components, Research/Consulting Services, Helicopter Landing Gear
ATI Ladish Forging
Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company Airframer
Collins Aerospace, Interiors, Specialty Seating Crew Seating, Pilot Seats
Parker Aerospace Hydraulic Systems Hydraulic Systems & Equipment, Hydraulic Actuators
Parker Aerospace Fluid Systems Fuel Tanks & Systems, Servoactuators, Hydraulic Actuators, Explosion/Flame Suppression Systems, Fuel Pumps, Valves, Turbine Engine Starters, Hydraulic Systems & Equipment, Reservoirs, Waste Water Systems, Fuel Quantity Indicators, Fuel Inerting Systems, Bleed Air Systems
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