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Embraer announces supplier of the year award winners
Wednesday, 19 April 2023

Embraer announced today the supplier of the year award winners. During the Annual Embraer Supplier Conference (ESC) in Brazil yesterday, a special ceremony was held to recognize the partners for their strong collaboration, excellence, and ability to achieve the best results throughout 2022.

“I want to express my gratitude to all suppliers for their hard work and partnership. In 2022, we overcame many different challenges, and we were able to deliver most of our commitments, achieving very good results,” said Roberto Chaves, Senior Vice-President, Global Procurement at Embraer. “Transparency and collaboration were essential to our industry performance last year, and we need to be even more united to surpass expectations. By working together and collaboratively, we can generate more value for our businesses and entire society.”

At the event, Embraer presented multiple initiatives to move the supply chain to the next level of collaboration by sharing insights and implementing new strategies and tools to improve efficiency and value creation. The company also launched the Embraer Suppliers Advisory Council to create a forum focused on experience exchanging and long-term strategy sharing that may help the ecosystem capture its full potential.

The 2022 winners are:

Structure category: Aernnova, Spain

Interior category: F/LIST, Austria

System category: Garmin, USA

Raw Material category: Novellis, USA

Hardware category: University Swaging, USA

Subcontract category: Tecplas, Brazil

Services & Support category: Garmin, USA

Indirect material category: Raízen, Brazil

Outstanding Collaboration category: Liebherr, Germany

Best of the Best Supplier 2022: Garmin, USA

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Embraer-Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica S.A. Airframer
Aernnova Aerospace Aircraft Structural Components, Metal Structures, Ceramic Composite Structures, Aircraft Control Surfaces, Wings, Fuselage Sections, Empennages, Nacelles, Fairings, Engine Housings, Aircraft Interiors, Helicopter Assemblies, Technical Manuals
F. List GmbH Aircraft Flooring, Aircraft Interiors, Cabinets
Garmin International GPS, Transceivers, Radar Transponders, Position Indicators, Radio Communications Equipment, Instrument Landing Systems, Moving Maps, Flight Directors, Electronic Flight Instrument Systems, Flight Management Systems, Avionics Management Systems, Autopilots, Weather Mapping Radar, VOR (Omnirange) Receivers, Onboard Intercom Systems, Collision Avoidance Systems/TCAS, Radar/Radio Altimeters, Attitude and Heading Reference Systems, Magnetometers, Onboard Computers, Air Data Computers, Satellite Receivers, Automatic Flight Control Systems, Onboard Airport Navigation Systems, Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems, Head-Up Displays, Airborne Communication Systems, Engine Indicator Instruments, Storm-Warning Radar, Autothrottle Systems
Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH Cabin Pressure Control Systems, Electromechanical Actuators, Hydraulic Systems & Equipment, Pressure Control Valves, Mechanical Actuators, Cabin Heaters, Cooling Systems, Aircraft Landing Gear, Helicopter Landing Gear, Auxiliary Power Units, Hydraulic Actuators, Servoactuators, Hydraulic Filters, Wing Spoilers, Wing Flaps, Aircraft Control Surfaces, Fly-by-Wire Systems, Gearboxes, Control Dampers, Gears & Assemblies, Hydraulic Power Supplies, Air Refuelling Systems, Brake System Components, Aircraft Wheels, Tyres, Steering Systems, Hydraulic Pumps, Automatic Flight Control Systems, Hydraulic System Valves
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