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FACC wins contract for rudders and elevators for A220
Thursday, 9 September 2021
FACC is to be the sole supplier of rudders and elevators to Airbus for the A220. The agreement to manufacture the empennage components expands on four decades of partnership.

Airbus has expanded its partnership with FACC to include the production of empennage components for the A220. The project consists of the manufacture and assembly of the rudders and elevators. FACC is to be the sole supplier for these parts with the first to be delivered in early 2022.

The technical requirements for the production of the primary structural elements are complex with a length of 6.4 metres and a width of 1.9 metres, the production of the rudder not only requires precision but also high-level logistical management. The inhouse production of the metal components at FACC by means of an automated 5-axis CNC milling machine aims to ensure compliance to the high technical requirements.

"Technological leadership as well as the move towards more complex aircraft structures is a central topic in the aircraft industry and we have been working on this intensively for years. FACC has achieved an internationally leading role as a result of vigorous research and development work," says Robert Machtlinger ceo of FACC. "This is certainly one of the main reasons why Airbus now uses FACC's know-how for the empennage components of the A220."

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