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Aircraft program directory

Airframer's unique directory provides analysis of 1,147 current aircraft programs, covering every aircraft type including general aviation, commercial aircraft, military and larger UAS in current development or production.

As well as having unlimited directory access, subscribers can download Index reports listing and cross-referencing suppliers to 31 aircraft programs, while sponsored editions are freely available.

How to sponsor an aircraft program

Sponsor Name
AC Products, Inc. sponsors the Boeing 737 aircraft program
8669 Tecnam P2010
Tecnam P2010
New link! Lycoming Engines: Piston Engines - Lycoming IO-360
2426 Tecnam P2012 Traveller
Tecnam P2012 Traveller
New link! Garmin International: Autopilots - GFC700 specifically tuned digital autopilot

Supply chain directory

Our directory analyses 9,260 suppliers in 88 sectors of the aerospace supply chain, from the design process, through production techniques, raw materials, systems and assemblies, to flight testing.

As well as having unlimited directory access, subscribers can download Index reports listing and cross-referencing suppliers in 36 of these - as well as the five which have been sponsored which are freely available to all.

How to sponsor a supply chain sector

Fastems Group
Quintus Technologies
IHS ESDU sponsors the Design Software sector
AMETEK PDS sponsors the Actuation sector

Airframer directory

The Airframer directory analyses every manufacturer of aircraft under development or currently in production worldwide.

830 companies are listed, and subscribers can download an in-depth Index report.

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Spotlight news

Cleared for commercial service.
October 5, 2022
The C919 features an integrated propulsion system, bringing the Nexcelle joint venture-supplied nacelle, thrust reverser and exhaust system together with CFM International's LEAP-1C powerplant.


The Pratt & Whitney GTF Advantage engine has taken flight on an Airbus A320neo aircraft.
October 5, 2022
Engine certification will continue through the first half of 2023, including flights currently under way on the P&W flying test bed in Mirabel, as well as endurance testing to ensure product maturity at entry into service. Full Story
October 5, 2022
AIT will provide an end-to-end system for the factory, creating transportation and positioning tools for fuselage assembly, wing assembly, wing-to-fuselage joining, and final assembly. Full Story
Blainjett's hemi-rotor drone cruising by a runway with main rotors halted in an outward fixed position.
October 5, 2022
The STOL variant will move onto the certification phase in 2023.
October 5, 2022
Following the successful completion of the preliminary P2012 STOL flight test campaign in early 2022, the aircraft has entered its final configuration moving on to the certification phase in 2023. Full Story
BAE Systems has opened its new $150 million engineering and production facility in Austin, Texas.
October 5, 2022
Work at the site will also focus on new and existing programs including the design, development, and manufacturing of RF and electro-optical/infrared countermeasures, as well as aircraft electrification technology. Full Story
Officially opening the doors at Créteil.
September 29, 2022
Bringing together teams that were previously spread across several sites, the new facility will promote cooperation and should ensure the best working conditions for the 430 employees involved. Full Story
Yamaha Motor and ShinMaywa conduct  an early-stage test flight of their small aircraft. (Photo: Business Wire).
September 29, 2022
The aircraft tested was an R&D aircraft owned by ShinMaywa, the XU-L, which was equipped with an existing 499cc engine manufactured by Yamaha Motor. Full Story
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