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Aircraft program directory

Airframer's unique directory provides analysis of 1,314 current aircraft programs, covering every aircraft type including general aviation, commercial aircraft, military and larger UAS in current development or production.

As well as having unlimited directory access, subscribers can download Index reports listing and cross-referencing suppliers to 33 aircraft programs, while sponsored editions are freely available.

How to sponsor an aircraft program

Sponsor Name
AC Products, Inc. sponsors the Boeing 737 aircraft program
6837 Kawasaki P-1
Kawasaki P-1
New link! Mitsubishi Electric Corporation: Airborne Communication Systems - HRC-123 satellite communications equipment
5764 Boeing CH-47 Chinook
Boeing CH-47 Chinook
New link! Mitsubishi Precision Co. Ltd.: Inertial Components & Systems - Inertial navigation system (CH-47JA)

Supply chain directory

Our directory analyses 9,663 suppliers in 88 sectors of the aerospace supply chain, from the design process, through production techniques, raw materials, systems and assemblies, to flight testing.

As well as having unlimited directory access, subscribers can download Index reports listing and cross-referencing suppliers in 38 of these - as well as the six which have been sponsored which are freely available to all.

How to sponsor a supply chain sector

Fastems Group
Quintus Technologies
AMETEK PDS sponsors the Actuation sector
IHS ESDU sponsors the Design Software sector

Airframer directory

The Airframer directory analyses every manufacturer of aircraft under development or currently in production worldwide.

898 companies are listed, and subscribers can download an in-depth Index report.

CDI Products

Our Airframer Directory section is sponsored by CDI Products.

Innovative sealing solutions that facilitate energy transfer, maintain fluid integrity, & exclude contaminants, ensuring components endurance.

Sponsored Index reports

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Spotlight news

EcoPulse during its first flight on November 29, 2023, from Tarbes, France.
December 7, 2023
The demonstrator aims to evaluate the operational advantages of integrating hybrid-electric distributed propulsion, with specific emphasis on CO2 emissions and noise level reduction.


FThe new 750XL-II SuperPac.
December 7, 2023
The new aircraft, which cost over US$6 million and took seven years to develop, is a next-generation, more powerful and fuel-efficient version of the established 750XL, the world's first commercial XSTOL aircraft. Full Story
DZYNE’s new manufacturing and R&D facility.
December 7, 2023
The company will host a grand opening ceremony in the new year to showcase the facility and the its latest product offerings and manufacturing capabilities. Full Story
Two companies flying towards the same goal.
December 7, 2023
No machine learning based safety-critical applications have made their way into the cockpit of civil aviation so far, but aviation regulators have been working on how ML fits into their design assurance processes. Full Story
Stratolaunch's Roc launch platform and Talon-A 1 (TA-1) hypersonic testbed take off for their first integrated captive carry flight from Mojave Air and Space Port on Dec. 3, 2023.
December 7, 2023
While the company had conducted several successful ground tests fueling and igniting the system, it needed to evaluate how the system performs in the flight environment prior to release. Full Story
Evolito’s D500 Axial Flux Motor: stacked for increased torque and power up to 1 megawatt.
December 7, 2023
Evolito's unique axial flux electric motors, which are proven in rate manufacture offer class-leading torque densities and system efficiencies, best matched to prop speeds used in eVTOL, UAV and fixed-wing aircraft. Full Story
The proposed updated Pegasus.
November 30, 2023
The venerable Pegasus will be a technology demonstrator for ARC Aerosystem's nine-seat Linx P9 compound gyroplane, which is currently under development, but may also prove suitable for applications of its own. Full Story
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