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Aircraft program directory

Airframer's unique directory provides analysis of 1,346 current aircraft programs, covering every aircraft type including general aviation, commercial aircraft, military and larger UAS in current development or production.

As well as having unlimited directory access, subscribers can download Index reports listing and cross-referencing suppliers to 32 aircraft programs, while sponsored editions are freely available.

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AC Products, Inc. sponsors the Boeing 737 aircraft program
2593 Boeing 737
Boeing 737
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16587 Phenix Ultra 2XL
Phenix Ultra 2XL
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Supply chain directory

Our directory analyses 9,763 suppliers in 88 sectors of the aerospace supply chain, from the design process, through production techniques, raw materials, systems and assemblies, to flight testing.

As well as having unlimited directory access, subscribers can download Index reports listing and cross-referencing suppliers in 38 of these - as well as the six which have been sponsored which are freely available to all.

How to sponsor a supply chain sector

Airframer directory

The Airframer directory analyses every manufacturer of aircraft under development or currently in production worldwide.

915 companies are listed, and subscribers can download an in-depth Index report.

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Our Airframer Directory section is sponsored by CDI Products.

Innovative sealing solutions that facilitate energy transfer, maintain fluid integrity, & exclude contaminants, ensuring components endurance.

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Spotlight news

The Wingman is a drone that operates with manned fighter jets and receives its tasks and missions from a pilot in a command aircraft such as the Eurofighter.
June 5, 2024
The Wingman’s tasks can range from reconnaissance to jamming targets and engaging targets on the ground or in the air with precision guided munitions or missiles.


Pierfederico Scarpa (Vice President Strategy, Marketing and Sales of Avio Aero), and Alena Medova (Chairman of the Board at Aircraft Industries), sign the contract between Avio Aero and Aircraft Industries.
June 5, 2024
The L 410NG has state-of-the-art Garmin 3000 avionics, and TCAS and TAWS safety systems are integrated into the aircraft. It is powered by the H85-200 engine and AV 725 propeller. Full Story
June 5, 2024
In acquiring Calspan Aero Systems Engineering and Calspan Systems, Cerberus has established North Wind, an independent business centrally focused on the advancement of hypersonic test capabilities. Full Story
Lockheed Martin’s newest facility in Huntsville has room for 500 full-time employees with an additional 50-100 lab seats.
June 5, 2024
June 5, 2024
The facility will manufacture precision machine components for commercial aero-engines. This strategic alliance aims to enhance GS Precision's global supply chain, ensuring world-class quality and timely delivery. Full Story
The centre will focus on developing cutting-edge materials specifically for the mobility, aviation and space technology sectors.
June 5, 2024
Querétaro, to be precise.
May 29, 2024
The site will initially have 8,000 square metres of production and office space and employ around 30 people. In the medium term, Diehl will employ around 500 staff members at the new location in Querétaro. Full Story
The test flights, piloted by Cody Allee, took place through April and May 2024 at the Manassas Regional Airport and Warrenton-Fauquier Airport in Virginia.
May 29, 2024
The EL-2 Goldfinch aircraft took off in less than 170 ft and landed in under 114 ft ground roll, the aircraft reached an altitude of 6,500 feet, and it flew as slowly as 25 kts on takeoff and landing. Full Story
ANCILLARY design concept renderings from all six performers, clockwise from lower left: Sikorsky, Karem Aircraft, Griffon Aerospace, Method Aeronautics, AeroVironment and Northrop Grumman.
May 29, 2024
In Phase Ib, six companies - AeroVironment, Griffon Aerospace, Karem Aircraft, Method Aeronautics, Northrop Grumman and Sikorsky - will mature their X-plane designs. Full Story
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