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Aircraft program directory

Airframer's unique directory provides analysis of 1,177 current aircraft programs, covering every aircraft type including general aviation, commercial aircraft, military and larger UAS in current development or production.

As well as having unlimited directory access, subscribers can download Index reports listing and cross-referencing suppliers to 31 aircraft programs, while sponsored editions are freely available.

How to sponsor an aircraft program

Sponsor Name
AC Products, Inc. sponsors the Boeing 737 aircraft program
0 TekhnoRegion TR-301
14491 Silver Wings SK-04
Silver Wings SK-04
New link! Jabiru Aircraft Pty Ltd.: Piston Engines - Tw0 Jabiru 2200 flat-four engines

Supply chain directory

Our directory analyses 8,795 suppliers in 88 sectors of the aerospace supply chain, from the design process, through production techniques, raw materials, systems and assemblies, to flight testing.

As well as having unlimited directory access, subscribers can download Index reports listing and cross-referencing suppliers in 37 of these - as well as the four which have been sponsored which are freely available to all.

How to sponsor a supply chain sector

Airframer directory

The Airframer directory analyses every manufacturer of aircraft under development or currently in production worldwide.

769 companies are listed, and subscribers can download an in-depth Index report.

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Spotlight news

The Beechcraft Denali first flight.
November 25, 2021
The Beechcraft Denali prototype, powered by a GE Catalyst engine, reached an altitude of 15,600 feet and a speed of 180 knots during the two hour and 50 minute first flight. Certification is anticipated in 2023.


Pilatus launched its newest trainer, PC-7 MKX at the Dubai Airshow. (Photo: Craig Hoyle/FlightGlobal)
November 25, 2021
The new version of the PC-7 trainer features improved avionics and cockpit displays. The turboprop aircraft is aimed at the military basic training market. Full Story
The fully electric CityAirbus NextGen is equipped with fixed wings, a V-shaped tail, and eight electrically powered propellers as part of its distributed propulsion system.
November 25, 2021
Airbus will develop the central flight control system, Thales the primary computing systems and Diehl the secondary flight control computer. The combined systems are critical to the safety of the eVTOL air taxi. Full Story
A view of the X-59 being supported by ground supports in preparation for installation of the landing gear and other hardware required for structural testing.
November 25, 2021
Removed from its jig, the X-59 is ready for final assembly including the first power-on of the aircraft to test its internal systems. The first flight is planned for 2022. Full Story
The 1,000th Trent XWB–84 will power an Airbus A350-900.
November 25, 2021
The Trent XWB-84 entered into service in 2015. The 1000th engine was produced at Rolls-Royce's Derby assembly line and will power an Airbus A350-900. Full Story
PPG created ramp seals for the C-130J Super Hercules via additive manufacturing using a patented ambient reactive extrusion (ARE) technology called PPG ARE.
November 25, 2021
PPG created six sets of custom-designed ramp seals for the C-130J Super Hercules airlifter using its patented ambient reactive extrusion (ARE) technology. This is PPG's first commercial sale of 3D printed components. Full Story
The data concentration network and advanced power management system seamlessly connect equipment across the G400 and G800 with information, commands and electrical power.
November 17, 2021
The power management system provides more configuration control through GE's tool suite and its pre-designed flexible architecture can significantly reduce integration risk across the aircraft life cycle. Full Story
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