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Ascent Aerospace North America

Ascent Aerospace is a leading provider of tooling systems, factory automation and integration services for the aerospace, defense and space industries. Our unique offering consists of a variety of products and solutions to resolve challenging aerostructure assembly requirements, from wing components and fuselage structures to final assembly lines. As the industry's largest tooling and automation group, Ascent produces a full suite of composite tooling, including layup molds, mandrels, bond tools, and trim and drill fixtures, including the largest Invar molds ever made for aerospace. In addition, Ascent offers automated, high-precision drilling and fastening systems, having installed more than 2,200 systems globally.

As an assembly line integrator, Ascent works with airframers to develop their project and see it through from process design and engineering through build and installation, to ensure it is an efficient and cost effective solution. This strategy has allowed Ascent Aerospace to develop long-term, strategic alliances with the world's foremost manufacturers in the commercial aerospace, business aviation, defense, space launch and satellite industries.

Globally, we have 11 locations, 5 of which are manufacturing plants. Our plants are located in California (formerly Coast Composites), Michigan (formerly Global Tooling Systems and Odyssey Industries), a fabrication plant in Mexico and our drilling and fastening systems plant in New York (Gemcor). In Europe, we are based in France with two offices and have offices in the United Kingdom and Germany. In Asia, we have a presence in Japan and China.

Contact Details

Address16445 23 Mile Road, Macomb Township, MI 48042, U.S.A.
Telephone+1 877 936 4906
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Client aircraft programs

Airbus A220 Analysis Machining Systems: CMC waterjet machines; Tooling: Production tooling for wings
Airbus A350 Analysis Moulds: Stringer moulds (for ATK); Tooling: Fuselage frame tools (for ATK); fuselage mould tooling (for Spirit); Jigs & Fixtures: Assembly jigs (for ATK); Jigs & Fixtures: Assembly fixtures (for ATK)
Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey Analysis Tooling: Composite tooling (for Boeing)
Boeing 777 Analysis Machining Systems: CMC machines for composite parts; Jigs & Fixtures: Assembly fixtures (for LMI); Tooling: Wing skin moulds for 777X
Boeing 787 Dreamliner Analysis Machining Systems: CMC waterjet machines; Mandrels: Fuselage barrel mandrels; Tooling: Wing & passenger door mould tools; Mandrels: Fibre placement mandrels for fuselage and wing (for Coast Composites); Tooling: Form tools & spacer plates (for Composites Atlantic); Jigs & Fixtures: Assembly fixtures (for Spirit & Vought); Jigs & Fixtures: Assembly jigs
Boeing AH-64 Apache Analysis Tooling: Composite lay-up tools
Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet Analysis Jigs & Fixtures: Bonding fixtures
Bombardier Global series Analysis Tooling: Turnkey tooling for wing manufacture (to Triumph-Vought)
COMAC C919 Analysis Machining Systems: CMC waterjet machines
Gulfstream G650 Analysis Jigs & Fixtures: Horizontal stabilizer assembly fixtures
Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Analysis Moulds: Lay-up mould (for Hitco); Jigs & Fixtures: Assembly jigs & tools (for Northrop); Tooling: Composite tooling (for Northrop, ATK & Hitco)
Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion Analysis Jigs & Fixtures: Assembly jigs (for Aurora); Jigs & Fixtures: Assembly fixtures (for ITT Defense & Spirit); Jigs & Fixtures: Assembly jigs (for ITT & Sikorsky); Tooling: Composite tooling (for GKN); engine fairing tools (for Aurora)
Sikorsky S-70A Black Hawk Analysis Jigs & Fixtures: Assembly jigs (H-60 variant)

News and press releases

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Subsidiaries Ascent Europe - France
Customers Lockheed Martin Corporation - U.S.A. (Elite Supplier Award 2016, Global Tooling Systems)
Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company - U.S.A. (Supplier of the Year 2017, Global Tooling Systems)

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