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BAE Tempest

This page lists recent changes to Airframer's data relating to this aircraft program.

21/09/2021Collins Aerospace, Mechanical Systems - Actuation (linked to Actuation: Advanced actuation capabilities)
16/09/2021Marshall to partner on Team Tempest (press release)
15/09/2021Leonardo Electronics (linked to Weapons Systems: Development of ECRS Mk2 radar Leonardo in Edinburgh)
15/09/2021Leonardo contracts next stage of Tempest flight test aircraft 'Excalibur' (press release)
14/09/2021Italy joins UK development of next-generation Eurofighter Typhoon radar (press release)
14/09/2021Collins Aerospace continues to advance actuation systems for Tempest (press release)
04/08/2021BAE gains contract to progress with Tempest design (news)

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