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Farnborough Air Show 2022

Search our list of exhibitors at Farnborough 2022, by name or by activity. A great way to plan your trip.

Exhibitor list:

A-techSYN Ltd.   (Republic of Ireland) 3321, 1336
Absolute Manufacturing   (U.S.A.) 1351
Acciaierie Valbruna S.p.A.   (Italy) 1246
Accord Global Technology Solutions   (India) 1556
Aciturri Aerostructures Boecillo   (Spain) 2313
Aciturri Manufacturing   (Spain) 2313
Acutec Precision Aerospace, Inc.   (U.S.A.) HALL 2, 3, 4
AD Industries   (France) 1360
AD Industries Composites   (France) 1360
Adaptix Ltd   (U.K.) 1317
Adler Aero S.p.A   (Italy) 1141
ADS Group   (U.K.) C413
Advanced Manufacturing (Sheffield) Ltd.   (U.K.) 4730
Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre   (U.K.) 1320
Advanex Europe Ltd.   (U.K.) 1026
AED Cluster Portugal   (Portugal) 1160
Aerea S.p.A.   (Italy) 1341
AERnnova   (Spain) 1138
Aero Inc.   (Japan) 1251
Aero Metals Alliance   (U.K.) 1231
Aero Service Global Group Ltd. (ASG Group)   (U.K.) 1320
Aero Vodochody (Technometra Radotin)   (Czech Republic) C125
Aero Vodochody Aerospace a.s.   (Czech Republic) C125
Aerocom Metals Limited   (U.K.) 1526
Aeronautical Systems, Inc.   (U.S.A.) 2426
Aerospace Manufacturing Corp.   (U.S.A.) 4804
Aerospace Technologies Group   (U.S.A.) 3114A
Aerospace Wales Forum   (U.K.) 1221, 4212
Aerosystems S.r.l.   (Italy) 1545
AeroTEC   (U.S.A.) 1351
Aerotecnic   (Spain) 2318
Aertec   (Spain) 1022
AES Aerospace Embedded Solutions GmbH   (Germany) 3921
AEVEX Aerospace   (U.S.A.) HALL 2, 3, 4
AIA Aerospace Industries Association   (U.S.A.) B040
AIAD Italian Federation for Aerospace, Defence and Security   (Italy) 1338
AIP Precision Machining   (U.S.A.) 3117F
Air Industries Group   (U.S.A.) 2127
Air Industries Machining Corp   (U.S.A.) HALL 2, 3, 4
Air Informatics, LLC   (U.S.A.) 1351
Air Liquide   (France) 1360
Air Liquide Espana SA   (Spain) 1360
Airbus China Innovation Centre (ACIC)   (China) E009, E010, E028, 4150
Airbus S.A.S.   (France) E009, E010, E028, 4150
Airbus UpNext   (France) E009, E010, E028, 4150
Aircraft Lighting International Inc.   (U.S.A.) 3036
Alabama Department of Commerce   (U.S.A.) 3340
Albany Engineered Composites   (U.S.A.) 3330
Alestis Aerospace Aeropolis   (Spain) 2313
Alestis do Brasil   (Brazil) 2313
Alfa Meccanica S.r.l.   (Italy) 1241
All Clear (was Kellstrom Defense)   (U.S.A.) 3220
Allegheny Technologies Inc. (ATI)   (U.S.A.) 4931, C210-211
Alloy Wire International Ltd   (U.K.) 1320
Alp Aviation   (Turkey) 41140, 4940
Altair Engineering GmbH   (Germany) 1241
Altair Engineering, Inc.   (U.S.A.) 1241
Alten SA   (France) 1120E
Altran GmbH   (Germany) 1211
ALV The Association of the Czech Aerospace Industry   (Czech Republic) 41331
American Aerospace Controls, Inc. (AAC)   (U.S.A.) 2035
American Industries   (U.S.A.) 3318
AMETEK Aerospace & Defense   (U.S.A.) C118
AMETEK Aerospace & Defense Ltd.   (U.K.) C118
AMETEK Specialty Metals Products (SMP)   (U.S.A.) 4118
AMK Welding   (U.S.A.) 3125
Anavia AG   (Switzerland) 4839
Andalucia Aerospace Cluster Empresarial   (Spain) 2318
ANSYS, Inc.   (U.S.A.) C224, 4960
Apollo Aerospace Components LLC   (U.S.A.) 1130
Apollo Aerospace Components Ltd   (U.K.) 1130
Aquarese Industries S.A.   (France) 1360
Arcale (was Qualitysource SA)   (France) 4215
Arconic Titanium & Engineered Products   (U.K.) C313-313A
Arkwin Industries Inc.   (U.S.A.) 4550
Arlington Precision Components (Arlington Machine and Tool Co.)   (U.S.A.) 2322
Armor Meca Developpement SA   (France) 1360
Arnprior Aerospace, Inc.   (Canada) 4716
Arrowhead Products   (U.S.A.) 2334
Arrowsmith Engineering (Coventry) Ltd.   (U.K.) 1320
Asahi Kinzoky Kogyo Inc   (Japan) 2117
Ascent Aerospace North America   (U.S.A.) 2524
Ascent Europe   (France) 2524
ASCO Aerospace Canada   (Canada) 1157
Asco Industries N.V   (Belgium) 1157
ASE SpA   (Italy) 1443
Ashot Ashkelon Industries   (Israel) 3928
ASMG - Aerospace & Speciality Metals Group   (U.S.A.) 4716
Asti Aircraft Services srl   (Italy) 1241
Astronautics CA Ltd.   (Israel) 2031
Astronautics Corp of America   (U.S.A.) 2031
Atec Inc   (U.S.A.) 2529A
Ateliers De La Hte. Garonne   (France) 1360
ATI Aerospace Technology Institute   (U.K.) 41131
ATI Flat Rolled Products   (U.S.A.) 4931, C210-211
Atkins, a member of the SNC-Lavalin Group   (U.K.) 3560, C121
ATR Avions de Transport Regional   (France) C219
Aubert & Duval   (France) 1360
Aubert & Duval, Eramet Alloys   (U.S.A.) 1360
Ausco, Inc.   (U.S.A.) 2326
Avantus Aerospace (was Shimtech Industries)   (U.K.) 1127
Avio-Diepen (Americas)   (U.S.A.) 1426
Avionica, LLC   (U.S.A.) 3011D
Aviva Metals   (U.S.A.) 1360
Axist   (Italy) 1241
Axnes Aviation AS   (Norway) 2211
B-Tech Engineering   (U.K.) 41540
BAE Systems plc   (U.K.) HALL5
BAE Systems Product and Process Development Centre   (U.K.) HALL5
Bahrain International Airshow   (Bahrain) C220 - C223
Baker Industries   (U.S.A.) 4853
Barnbrook Systems Ltd.   (U.K.) 1317
Barnes Aerospace   (U.K.) 4950
Barnes Aerospace, Windsor CT   (U.S.A.) 4950
Beagle Technology Group   (U.K.) 1317
Becker Avionics GmbH   (Germany) 3934
Becker Avionics, Inc.   (U.S.A.) 3934
BEL Engineering (UK) Ltd.   (U.K.) 4838
Belcan (CDI Aerospace)   (U.S.A.) C127
Belcan (was Tandel Systems)   (U.S.A.) C127
Bell Helicopter Textron   (U.S.A.) A031, A033
Bell Helicopter Textron/Boeing   (U.S.A.) A031, A033
Bikar-Metalle-Aerospace GmbH   (Germany) 1132
Binder Technologie GmbH   (Germany) 41520
Blue Sky Frontier Co., Ltd.   (Japan) 2117
BMT Aerospace International   (Belgium) 1157
BMT Aerospace Romania   (Romania) 1157
Bodycote   (U.K.) 41340
Bodycote H.I.P. Ltd.   (U.K.) 41340
Boeing Business Jets   (U.S.A.) C201-206, C620, D010
Boeing Commercial Airplanes   (U.S.A.) C201-206, C620, D010
Boeing Company   (U.S.A.) C201-206, C620, D010
Boeing NeXT   (U.S.A.) C201-206, C620, D010
Boeing Research & Technology   (U.S.A.) C201-206, C620, D010
Bollhoff Ltd. (was Bollhoff Armstrong Ltd.)   (U.K.) 4238
Boom Supersonic   (U.S.A.) C110-C112
Borrelly Spring Washers   (France) 3940
Brancaro Industries Srl   (Italy) 1443
Breton S.p.A   (Italy) 1133
Bromford Industries Chester (was AeroCision)   (U.S.A.) 4015, C603
Bromford Industries, Fabrications   (U.K.) 4015, C603
BSI America   (U.S.A.) 1120I
BSI Group HQ   (U.K.) 1120I
Burulan S.A.   (Spain) 1138
Cadence Aerospace LLC   (U.S.A.) 3140
Cadence Design Systems, Inc.   (U.S.A.) 2527
CAE   (Germany) C122-122A
Calculex Inc   (U.S.A.) 1558
Callen-Lenz Group   (U.K.) 1300
Camberley Rubber Mouldings Ltd.   (U.K.) 1119
Capewell Systems, LLC   (U.S.A.) 2127
Capgemini-Engineering (Capgemini Schweiz AG)   (Switzerland) 1211
Capitanio Aerospace S.r.l.   (Italy) 1436
Carl Zeiss GOM Metrology GmbH (was GOM GmbH)   (Germany) 3740
Carl Zeiss Optronics   (Germany) 3740
Casram SA   (Switzerland) 41150, 41350
Castings Technology International   (U.K.) 1320
Castle Metals   (U.S.A.) 4820
CAV Systems (was CAV Ice Protection)   (U.S.A.) 1525
CCP Gransden Ltd   (U.K.) 1321
CCR Forming Ltd.   (U.K.) 1320
Centre for Modelling and Simulation (CFMS)   (U.K.) 4045
Cerobear GmbH   (Germany) 2013
CFM International Inc.   (U.S.A.) D045
CFM International S.A.   (France) D045
CGI UK Ltd   (U.K.) 4305, 4505
Chard Precision Castings Ltd.   (U.K.) 1320
Charvat AXL, a.s.   (Czech Republic) 41331
Cincinnati Thermal Spray, Inc.   (U.S.A.) 2528
Circomp GmbH   (Germany) 3330
CIRCOR Aerospace - Industria   (France) C212
CIRCOR Aerospace Products Group   (U.S.A.) C212
Civitanavi Systems Srl   (Italy) 1348
CK Technologies (UK)   (U.K.) 1221, 4212
CK Technologies Inc.   (U.S.A.) 1221, 4212
Clampco Products Inc.   (U.S.A.) 1431
Click-Bond Inc.   (U.S.A.) 1058
Cobalt Enterprises, LLC   (U.S.A.) 1351
Cobalt Enterprises, LLC   (U.S.A.) 1351
Cobham Aerospace Communications   (France) 1360
Cobham Aerospace Connectivity (was Cobham Antenna Systems)   (U.K.) 1360
Cogne Acciai Speciali s.p.a   (Italy) 2019
Collins Aerospace   (U.S.A.) C301-305, C631
Collins Aerospace Systems, Puerto Rico   (U.S.A.) C301-305, C631
CoMeAr srl   (Italy) 1146, 1150
Composite Resources   (U.S.A.) HALL 2, 3, 4
Composite Technology Research Malaysia (CTRM)   (Malaysia) 1251
Composite Technology Research Malaysia (CTRM)   (Malaysia) 1251
Comutensili SpA   (Italy) 1241
Connova AG   (Switzerland) 4839
Consolidated Industries, Inc   (U.S.A.) 4716
Copper & Optic Terminations Limited   (U.K.) 1320
Corse Composites Aeronautiques   (France) 1360
CPI TMD Technologies Limited   (U.K.) 1120L
Crane Aerospace & Electronics   (U.S.A.) 4530
Cranfield Aerospace Solutions Ltd   (U.K.) 1518
Cranfield Aerospace Solutions Ltd   (U.K.) 41137
Cranfield University Aerospace   (U.K.) 1518
Cranfield University Aerospace   (U.K.) 41137
CribMaster, Inc   (U.S.A.) 3025
Crippa S.p.A.   (Italy) 4018
Crissair (ESCO Fluid Controls)   (U.S.A.) 3331
Crissair (ESCO Fluid Controls)   (U.S.A.) 3331
Cross Manufacturing Co. (1938)   (U.K.) 41511
CT Ingenierie   (France) 3855
Cubic Global Defense   (U.S.A.) 2040
Cubic Mission Solutions (CMS)   (U.S.A.) 2040
Cuming Microwave Corp.   (U.S.A.) 1140
CWAF Coventry & Warwickshire Aerospace Forum   (U.K.) 1320
Cybermeca   (France) 1360
Cyient Ltd.   (India) C125
Cytec Process Materials (Toulouse) Sarl   (France) C135
Daido Steel   (U.S.A.) 2117
Darchem Engineering Ltd.   (U.K.) 4734
Dassault Aviation   (France) E050
Dassault Systemes   (France) C207-208
Dassault Systemes DELMIA   (U.S.A.) C207-208
Dassault-Aviation Merignac   (France) E050
Datum Tool Design Ltd.   (U.K.) 1321
Davall Gears Ltd   (U.K.) 1136
De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited   (Canada) C131-132
Defontaine   (France) 1360
Denroy Plastics Ltd   (U.K.) 1321
Deutsche Aircraft GmbH   (Germany) C323
Doncasters Group Ltd   (U.K.) 1320
Druck   (U.K.) 4542
Ducommun LaBarge Technologies   (U.S.A.) C133
Ducommun, Inc.   (U.S.A.) C133
Dynamic Aerospace Fabrications Ltd. (was Paul Fabrications)   (U.K.) 4739
Dynatech Engineering/Dynatech Aerospace   (U.S.A.) 2530
Dzyne Technologies Incorporated   (U.S.A.) HALL 2, 3, 4
Elbit Systems Ltd   (Israel) 2122
Elbit Systems Ltd   (Israel) 1330
Elbit Systems of America   (U.S.A.) 2122
Elbit Systems of America Commercial Aviation -Kollsman   (U.S.A.) 1330
Elbit Systems UAS   (Israel) 1330
Elbit Systems UAS   (Israel) 2122
Electroflight   (U.K.) 1002
Electroimpact   (U.S.A.) 1221, 4212
Electroimpact UK Ltd   (U.K.) 1221, 4212
Element Materials Technology HQ   (U.K.) 4829
Element Materials Technology Warwick   (U.K.) 4829
Elettronica S.p.A.   (Italy) 1340
Embraer Portugal S.A.   (Portugal) C105, C106, E037
Embraer-Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica S.A.   (Brazil) C105, C106, E037
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University   (U.S.A.) 3111D
Emerald Aero Group   (Republic of Ireland) 1336
EnerSys   (U.S.A.) 3510
EnerSys UK Ltd   (U.K.) 3510
Engineering & Software Systems Solutions, Inc.   (U.S.A.) 4737
ERG Aerospace Corporation   (U.S.A.) 2533
ESCO Technologies Inc.   (U.S.A.) 3331
ESCO Technologies Inc.   (U.S.A.) 3331
ESI Group   (France) 1360
Essex Industries   (U.S.A.) 3031
ETI Tech, Inc.   (U.S.A.) 1431
ETI Tech, Inc.   (U.S.A.) 1431
Eurofighter GmbH   (Germany) C136-137, E020, E022
Eviation Aircraft Ltd   (Israel) 1000
Excelitas Technologies Corp.   (U.S.A.) 1221, 4212
Expleo   (U.K.) 1151
FANUC Robotics America Corp.   (U.S.A.) 1311
Farnborough Aerospace Consortium   (U.K.) 1317
Fastavia Ltd   (U.K.) 3730
Fastech AG   (Switzerland) HALL 2, 3, 4
Feiran Technology Sdn. Bhd.   (Malaysia) 1251
Feronyl   (Belgium) 1157
Ferra Aerospace   (Australia) 2322
Field International Ltd   (U.K.) 4021
Figeac-Aero   (France) 1360
Flex-Tek Group   (U.S.A.) 1360
Flight Test Aerospace, Inc.   (U.S.A.) HALL 2, 3, 4
Flow International Corp.   (U.S.A.) 1360
FOMAP S.r.l.   (Italy) 1146, 1150
Forecast International Inc.   (U.S.A.) 2521
Forged Solutions Group   (U.K.) 41118
Fracture Technology (FTA)   (U.S.A.) 2021
Franke Industries AG   (Switzerland) 41150, 41350
Fraunhofer Institute - LBF   (Germany) 41329
Fraunhofer Institute - LBF   (Germany) 4130
Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology - IPT   (Germany) 41329
Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology - IPT   (Germany) 4130
Frisa Industries   (Mexico) 3318
FSL Aerospace Ltd   (U.K.) 1531
Fucine Umbre Srl   (Italy) 1146, 1150
Future Metals, LLC   (U.S.A.) 3117A
G & O Springs Ltd   (U.K.) 1320
G.W. Lisk Company Inc.   (U.S.A.) 41550
Galleon Embedded Computing AS   (Norway) 1558
Garg Associates Private Limited   (India) 2518
Garmin International   (U.S.A.) 3531
GE Aviation   (U.S.A.) B026
GE Aviation Systems - Rockford   (U.S.A.) B026
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (GA-ASI)   (U.S.A.) 2140
General Atomics AeroTec Systems GmbH   (Germany) 2140
General Atomics Europe GmbH   (Germany) 2140
General Dynamics UK   (U.K.) 3545
General Plastics Manufacturing Co.   (U.S.A.) 1351
Georg Martin GmbH   (Germany) 1044
GF Casting Solutions AG   (Switzerland) 41150, 41350
GF Casting Solutions AG   (Switzerland) 41150, 41350
GF Machining Solutions   (U.S.A.) 41150, 41350
GF Machining Solutions   (U.S.A.) 41150, 41350
Giannuzzi S.R.L.   (Italy) 1436
GIFAS   (France) 1360
GKN Aerospace   (U.K.) C630
GKN Aerospace - Oak Ridge   (U.S.A.) C630
Global Aeronautica   (U.S.A.) C201-206, C620, D010
Gould Alloys Ltd.   (U.K.) 1231, C119-120
Greener by Design Group   (U.K.) 41231
Grupo Aeronáutico Zona Centro S.A. (GAZC)   (Spain) 2318
Grupo Sevilla Control (GSC)   (Spain) 2318
Gruppo Parpas   (Italy) 1040
GSE Dynamics   (U.S.A.) 2529
Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation   (U.S.A.) 2540, E052
H&W Global Industries, Inc.   (U.S.A.) 41145
Hanwha Phasor Ltd.   (U.K.) 3750
Hanwha Systems   (South Korea) 3750
HarcoSemco   (U.S.A.) 4551
HarcoSemco   (U.S.A.) 4551
Hardide Aerospace Coatings Ltd   (U.K.) 1320
Harris Corporation UT   (U.S.A.) C114-115
Havelsan Hava Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.   (Turkey) 41320
Haynes International   (U.S.A.) C603
HEICO Aerospace   (U.S.A.) 4920
Hempel Special Metals Ltd.   (U.K.) 1320
Henkel AG   (Germany) 1004
Héroux Devtek (APPH) Nottingham   (U.K.) 4321
Héroux-Devtek Inc.   (Canada) 4321
Hexcel   (France) C209
Hexcel   (U.S.A.) C209
Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.   (India) 41531, C410
Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (Aircraft Division Bangalore)   (India) 41531, C410
Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (Engine Division Koraput)   (India) 41531, C410
HITEC Sensor Developments   (U.S.A.) 4727
HMS Makina Sanayi Ve Tic A.S.   (Turkey) 41140, 4940
Hohman Plating   (U.S.A.) 3233
Hollygate Aircraft Components Ltd   (U.K.) 1120C
Hood Tech Vision - AltiCam   (U.S.A.) 3736
Howmet Aerospace (was Arconic Inc.)   (U.S.A.) C313-313A
HPM Ltd   (U.K.) 3340
HQW Precision GmbH   (Germany) 1530
HQW Precision GmbH   (Germany) 1530
HR Smith (Technical Developments) Ltd   (U.K.) 1430
HR Smith Group of Companies   (U.K.) 1430
HTS Vacuum Furnaces Srl   (Italy) 1559
Hurst Green Plastics Ltd   (U.K.) 1326
Hutchinson Composite Industrie   (France) 1230
Hutchinson Group HQ   (France) 1230
Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd   (U.K.) 3831
Hycrome Aerospace Ltd.   (U.K.) 41521
Hyde Aero Products Ltd.   (U.K.) 1120C
Hygrade Precision Technologies, LLC   (U.S.A.) 2127
Hyundai WIA   (South Korea) 1307, C126
iBASEt   (U.S.A.) 4315
IFA Precision Forge (was Independent Forgings & Alloys Ltd)   (U.K.) 1131
IHI Berenx AG   (Switzerland) 4230
IHI Corporation HQ   (Japan) 2117
IHI Corporation HQ   (Japan) 4230
IHI Hauzer Techno Coating B.V.   (Netherlands) 4230
IHI Ionbond AG   (Switzerland) 2117
IHI Ionbond AG   (Switzerland) 4230
IHI Ionbond AG   (Switzerland) 4230
IHI Ionbond AG   (Switzerland) 4230
IMCO Industries Ltd.   (Israel) 3521
Incora : Pattonair   (U.K.) 1121
Incora : WESCO Aircraft   (U.S.A.) 1121
Industrial Machine Tools, Inc.   (U.S.A.) 1351
Industrial Metals International Ltd   (U.S.A.) 2516
Industrias Puigjaner S.A. - DENN   (Spain) 3018
Infodream   (France) 3855
Infotech Enterprises Europe Ltd   (U.K.) C125
Inmarsat Ltd   (U.K.) 1510
Intelsat (was Gogo Commercial Aviation)   (U.S.A.) 4514
Intelsat Corporation, Inc.   (U.S.A.) 4514
Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. - Aircraft   (Israel) C408
Italiana Ponti Radio S.r.l   (Italy) 1443
ITP Aero (Industria de Turbo Propulsores, S.A.)   (Spain) 4947
Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.   (U.S.A.) 3931
Janicki Industries   (U.S.A.) 1351
Jdeal-Form Srl - 3ntr   (Italy) 1241
Jean Gallay SA   (Switzerland) 41150, 41350
Jergens Inc.   (U.S.A.) 1431
Jihlavan, A.S.   (Czech Republic) 41331
Jihostroj a.s.   (Czech Republic) 4836
Jointek S.r.l.   (Italy) 1443
Jonal Laboratories, Inc.   (U.S.A.) 2127
JPB Systeme   (France) 1360
JW Kane Precision Engineering Ltd.   (U.K.) 1321
Kallman Worldwide, Inc.   (U.S.A.) C603, HALL 2, 3, 4
Kaman Aerospace Aerostructures   (U.S.A.) 2110
Kaman Aerosystems   (U.S.A.) 2110
Kaman Specialty Bearings and Engineered Products   (U.S.A.) 2110
Kawasaki Aerospace   (Japan) 2117
Kearfott Corporation   (U.S.A.) HALL 2, 3, 4
Kenard Engineering (Tewkesbury) Ltd   (U.K.) 1034
Kenard Engineering Group   (U.K.) 1034
Kepston Limited   (U.K.) 1320
Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace AS   (Norway) 2111
Kongsberg Geospatial   (Canada) 2111
Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd.   (South Korea) 3541
Kratos Unmanned Aerial Systems (KUAS)   (U.S.A.) 2330
L3 Harris (was Harris Corporation Headquarters and Global Innovation Center)   (U.S.A.) C114-115
Laboratory Testing Inc.   (U.S.A.) 2021
Lamsco West, Inc.   (U.S.A.) 1127
Latécoère   (France) 1360
Latelec   (France) 1360
Lee Products Ltd.   (U.K.) 41120
LeFiell Manufacturing Co.   (U.S.A.) 4418
Lenape Forge Inc.   (U.S.A.) 4716
Leonardo   (U.K.) B010
Leonardo Company   (Italy) B010
Leonardo S.p.A. Pisa   (Italy) B010
LFD Ltd   (U.K.) 3933
Lilium GmbH   (Germany) 1111
Lincotek Surface Solutions Corp (was Turbocoating Corp)   (U.S.A.) 3840
LMA Srl   (Italy) 1234
LMg Solutions Ltd.   (U.K.) 1221, 4212
Loar Group, Inc.   (U.S.A.) 3133
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company   (U.S.A.) B020
Lockheed Martin AeroParts, Inc.   (U.S.A.) C412, C501
Lockheed Martin Corporation   (U.S.A.) C412, C501
Lockheed Martin Skunk Works   (U.S.A.) B020
Loctite Americas   (U.S.A.) 1004
Logic S.p.A   (Italy) 1441
Loos & Co. Inc.   (U.S.A.) 3117G
Loos & Co. Inc. Cableware   (U.S.A.) 3117G
M-CNC Precision Engineering   (U.K.) 1522
MA Group (Magnaghi Aeronautica)   (Italy) 1207
MAC Aerospace Corporation   (U.S.A.) HALL 2, 3, 4
Magnaghi Aeronautica Sky Arrow   (Italy) 1207
Magnet-Schultz Gmbh & Co KG   (Germany) 4721
magniX   (U.S.A.) 1351
Makino GmbH   (Germany) C603
Makino Milling Machine Co. Ltd.   (Japan) C603
Mako Aerospace   (U.K.) 1005
Manta Group S.r.l.   (Italy) 1436
MAPP Technologies, LLC   (U.S.A.) 2036
Marotta Controls, Inc.   (U.S.A.) 2331
Martin-Baker Aircraft Co. Ltd.   (U.K.) 1260, C109
Marvin Engineering Company (MEC)   (U.S.A.) 2131
Marvin Engineering Company (MEC)   (U.S.A.) HALL 2, 3, 4
Marvin Test Solutions   (U.S.A.) HALL 2, 3, 4
Marvin Test Solutions   (U.S.A.) 2131
Master Fluid Solutions WDG GmbH   (Germany) 1431
Maven Engineering Corporation   (U.S.A.) 2536
maxon   (U.S.A.) 4028
Maycast-Nokes Precision Engineering Ltd.   (U.K.) 1320
MB Aerospace   (U.K.) 1451
MB Aerospace Newton Abbot   (U.K.) 1451
MB Elettronica Srl   (Italy) 1538
MBDA UK   (U.K.) 4541, C401-404, C502
McGreevy Engineering Ltd   (U.K.) 1321
Mecachrome France   (France) 1360
Mecachrome Vibraye   (France) 1360
Mecadaq Group   (France) 1360
Mecaer America Inc.   (Canada) 1443
MECAER Aviation Group   (Italy) 1443
Meggit (Troy), Inc.   (U.S.A.) C107, C108
Meggitt Plc   (U.K.) C107, C108
Mepit Srl   (Italy) 1241
Mercury Systems Advanced Microelectronics Center (was White Electronic Designs)   (U.S.A.) C603
Mercury Systems, Inc.   (U.S.A.) C603
Merkad Aviation   (Turkey) 41538
Merletti Aerospace Srl   (Italy) 1443
Mersen UK   (U.K.) 1320
Mersen USA   (U.S.A.) 1320
MES SpA   (Italy) 3530
Meyer Tool Poland   (Poland) 3125
MHT-Technical Publications & Training   (Israel) C408
MicroLink Devices   (U.S.A.) 1221, 4212
Middleton Sheet Metal / MSM Aerospace   (U.K.) 1120N
Midlands Aerospace Alliance   (U.K.) 1320
Mini Gears Group   (U.K.) 1051
Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation   (Japan) C123-124
Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation   (Japan) 2117
Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Ltd.   (Japan) 1331
Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Ltd.   (Japan) 1331
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation   (Japan) 1331
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation   (Japan) 1331
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Aero Engines, Ltd   (Japan) 2117
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Aero Engines, Ltd   (Japan) C123-124
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Canada Aerospace (MHICA)   (Canada) C123-124
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Canada Aerospace (MHICA)   (Canada) 2117
MJ Sections Ltd.   (U.K.) 1320
Mollart Universal Joints   (U.K.) 1136
Moog Inc.   (U.S.A.) 41341
Moog Inc., Power & Data Sector (was Moog Components Group)   (U.S.A.) 41341
Motor Sich JSC   (Ukraine) 4340
Moyola Precision Engineering   (U.K.) 1321
MTU Aero Engines   (Germany) 1216
MTU Aero Engines Polska   (Poland) 1216
Murphy and Nolan, Inc.   (U.S.A.) 2525
NASA Advanced Composites Consortium   (U.S.A.) 1431
NASA Glenn Research Center   (U.S.A.) 1431
Nasmyth Bulwell Ltd   (U.K.) 4032
Nasmyth Group Limited (HQ)   (U.K.) 4032
National Instruments   (U.K.) 1028
National Instruments Corp.   (U.S.A.) 1028
National Precision Bearing, Inc.   (U.S.A.) 1351
NEMA Ltd.   (U.K.) 4040
Netherlands Aerospace Group   (Netherlands) 1352
New England Airfoil Products (NEAP)   (U.S.A.) 2127, HALL 2, 3, 4
New England Airfoil Products (NEAP)   (U.S.A.) 1346
Nippi Corporation Aerospace Division   (Japan) 2117
Nir-Or Ltd.   (Israel) 3521
Niron Systems & Projects   (Israel) 3521
Noranco Inc.   (Canada) 2039
Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems   (U.S.A.) C603
Northrop Grumman Australia   (Australia) C603
Northrop Grumman LITEF GmbH   (Germany) 41541
Nova Systems   (U.K.) 1060
Novaria Group   (U.S.A.) 3233
Novintec   (France) 1360
NOVOTECH   (Italy) 1436
NSI-MI Technologies   (U.S.A.) 4416
Nu-Tech Precision Metals Inc.   (Canada) 4717
Numerical Control Manufacturing (NCM) S.p.A.   (Italy) 1146, 1150
Oerlikon Balzers AG   (Liechtenstein) 3540
Oerlikon Metco (UK) Ltd   (U.K.) 3540
Ohio Aerospace Institute   (U.S.A.) 1431
Olsen Actuation UK Ltd.   (U.K.) 4811
OMA Officine Meccaniche Aeronautiche SpA   (Italy) 1146, 1150
Ondrives Ltd.   (U.K.) 2311
Ontic   (U.S.A.) 4120
Ontic Actuation & Control (was Triumph Integrated Systems - Actuation & Control)   (U.K.) 4120
Open Mind Technologies UK Ltd   (U.K.) 1056
Oracle Precision Ltd.   (U.K.) 3937
Orscheln Products, LLC   (U.S.A.) 1320
OVS Villella Srl   (Italy) 1443
Oxsensis Ltd   (U.K.) 1317
P.L.Porter   (U.S.A.) 4530
PAC Composites   (U.K.) 1321
Pacific Piston Ring Company, Inc.   (U.S.A.) 3133
Palantir Technologies Holdings, LLC   (U.S.A.) 4500
Pankl Aerospace Systems Europe GmbH   (Austria) 3721A
Pankl Racing Systems AG   (Austria) 3721A
Paradigm Precision   (U.S.A.) 41330
Paradigm Precision Burnley, Ltd   (U.K.) 41330
Paramount Panels (UK) Ltd   (U.K.) 1042
Paramount Panels, Inc   (U.S.A.) 1042
Parker Aerospace, Air & Fuel Division   (U.S.A.) C228-230
Parker Aerospace, Air & Fuel Division   (U.S.A.) 1443
Parker Hannifin Corp.   (U.S.A.) C228-230
Patriot Taxiway Industries   (U.S.A.) 2038
PBS Velka Bites   (Czech Republic) 41047
Pennine Tools Aerospace Ltd.   (U.K.) 41523
PhotonFirst International   (Netherlands) 1102
Piaggio Aero Industries   (Italy) 1053
Piaggio Aerospace   (Italy) 1053
Pietro Rosa TBM Srl   (Italy) 2127, HALL 2, 3, 4
Pietro Rosa TBM Srl   (Italy) 1346
Plymouth Engineered Shapes   (U.S.A.) 2012
Plymouth Engineered Shapes   (U.S.A.) 2011, 2012
Plymouth Tube Co.   (U.S.A.) 2012
Plymouth Tube Co.   (U.S.A.) 2011, 2012
PNAA Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance   (U.S.A.) 1351
Poeton Industries Ltd.   (U.K.) 1513
Poggipolini S.p.A.   (Italy) 1440
Pointwise   (U.S.A.) 2527
Polyformes Limited   (U.K.) 1553
Portsmouth Aviation Ltd   (U.K.) 1317
Porvair Filtration Group Inc.   (U.S.A.) 4020
Porvair Filtration Group Ltd   (U.K.) 4020
PPG Industries Inc.   (U.S.A.) 1140
PR-DC doo   (Serbia) 2016
Prati Aero S.r.l.   (Italy) 1241
Pratt & Whitney   (U.S.A.) C301-305, C631
Pratt & Whitney Large Commercial Engines   (U.S.A.) C301-305, C631
Praxair Surface Technologies   (U.K.) 41315
Praxair Surface Technologies Inc.   (U.S.A.) 41315
Precision Castparts Corporation PCC   (U.S.A.) 2039
Precision Technologies Ltd   (U.K.) 1320
Premier Processing   (U.S.A.) 3140
Prince & Izant, NUTEC   (U.S.A.) 4833
Progressive Alloy Steels Unlimited Inc.   (U.S.A.) 1231, C119 - C120
Projects Unlimited Inc   (U.S.A.) 1431
Proponent (Kapco Global & Avio-Diepen)   (Netherlands) 1426
PSIONdsp Corp.   (South Korea) 3941
PTI Technologies Inc.   (U.S.A.) 3331
Pyromeral Systems   (France) 4823
QinetiQ   (U.K.) C101, C102, C103
QinetiQ North America   (U.S.A.) C101, C102, C103
Qioptiq Photonics Ltd   (U.K.) 1221, 4212
Quatro Composites - Sekisui Aerospace (was AIM Aerospace - Quatro Composites)   (U.S.A.) 1351
Radant Technologies Division   (U.S.A.) 1120L
Radius Aerospace   (U.S.A.) 3131
Radius Aerospace - Shelbyville (was Triumph Aerospace Structures - Fabrications)   (U.S.A.) 3131
Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.   (Israel) 3526
Raytheon Deutschland GmbH   (Germany) C301-305, C631
Raytheon Technologies Corp   (U.S.A.) C301-305, C631
Reaction Engines Ltd   (U.K.) 1210, 4400
Reading Alloys   (U.S.A.) 4416
Reading Alloys   (U.S.A.) 4118
Reliance Precision Ltd   (U.K.) 4030
Renegade Materials Corporation   (U.S.A.) 3520
Repkon Machine and Tool Industry and Trade Inc.   (Turkey) 41335
Resonate Testing Limited   (U.K.) 1321
Response Technologies, LLC   (U.S.A.) A031, A033
Rete Marlen Italia   (Italy) 1537
Rexnord Industries, LLC   (U.S.A.) 1015
Rexnord PSI Aerospace Bearings   (U.S.A.) 1015
RIX Industries   (U.S.A.) 3030
RLC Callender   (U.K.) 4331
RO-RA Aviation Systems GmbH   (Austria) 3721C
Roboze S.P.A.   (Italy) 1436
Röhm GmbH   (Germany) 3834
Rolled Alloys   (U.S.A.) C405-407, 41160
Rolled Alloys   (U.S.A.) 4320
Rolled Alloys Ltd   (U.K.) 4320
Rolled Alloys Ltd   (U.K.) C405-407, 41160
Royal Aeronautical Society   (U.K.) 41231
Ruag Aerospace Structures GmbH   (Germany) 41150, 41350
Ruag Aerostructures   (Switzerland) 41150, 41350
S.I.ME. Srl - Societa Industria Meccanica   (Italy) 1241
S.S. White Technologies Inc.   (U.S.A.) 1320
S.S. White Technologies UK. Ltd   (U.K.) 1320
SABCA   (Belgium) 1157
SAE International   (U.S.A.) 3019
Safran Aero Boosters   (Belgium) 1157
Safran Group   (France) B034
Safran Test Cells (Cenco)   (U.S.A.) 1157
Sandvik AB   (Sweden) 4131
Sandvik Materials Technology   (Sweden) 4131
Sapura Aerospace Technologies Sdn Bhd   (Malaysia) 1251
SASMOS HET Technologies Ltd.   (India) 2005
SBR - Southbourne Rubber   (U.K.) 1120M
SCA - Service Centres Aero   (France) 1231, C119-C120
Schatz Bearing Corporation   (U.S.A.) 4725
Schiebel Group   (Austria) 3725C
ScioTeq (was Esterline Belgium)   (Belgium) 1157
Seabury Capital LLC   (U.S.A.) 2000
SeaCast Inc.   (U.S.A.) 1351
SeAH Aerospace & Defense Corp.   (South Korea) 3950
Seal Dynamics Inc.   (U.S.A.) 4920
Secondo Mona SpA   (Italy) 1343
SEKISUI Aerospace (was AIM Aerospace)   (U.S.A.) 1351
Senior Aerospace   (Thailand) 4911
Senior plc   (U.K.) 4911
Sensata Technologies (was BEI Kimco)   (U.S.A.) 4138
Sensata Technologies, Inc.   (U.S.A.) 4138
Shaanxi Tiancheng Aerospace Co., Ltd. (TCAE)   (China) 4827
ShinMaywa Industries Ltd. (Aircraft Division)   (Japan) 2117
Siemens Digital Industries Software Inc. (was Siemens PLM Software)   (U.S.A.) C129
Siemens Industry Software NV   (Belgium) C129
SIFCO Forge Group   (U.S.A.) 3040
SIFCO Industries, Inc.   (U.S.A.) 3040
SIJ Metal Ravne d.o.o.   (Slovenia) 4828
Silcoms Ltd.   (U.K.) 1320
Silent Falcon UAS Technologies   (U.S.A.) HALL 2, 3, 4
Silver Atena GmbH   (Germany) 1151
Singularity Aerotech Asia Sdn Bhd (SAT.Asia)   (Malaysia) 1251
Sioux Tools, Inc.   (U.S.A.) 3121
Sitec Aerospace GmbH   (Germany) 1321
SJAC Society of Japanese Aerospace Companies   (Japan) 2117
SKF - MRC Bearings   (U.S.A.) 1360
SKF Group   (Sweden) 1360
Sky Arrow Aircraft Company   (U.S.A.) 1207
Skybolt Aerospace Fasteners   (U.S.A.) 3117E
Smith Myers Communications Ltd.   (U.K.) 1023
Smiths Advanced Metals   (U.K.) 1120J
Snap-on, Inc.   (U.S.A.) 3121
Socomore (Dysol)   (U.S.A.) 1360
Socomore Vannes   (France) 1360
Sofitec   (Spain) 2318
Sol.One NV   (Belgium) 1200, 1157
Solar Atmospheres Inc.   (U.S.A.) 2029
Solar Atmospheres of CA   (U.S.A.) 2029
Solvay   (U.K.) C135
Sonaca Aerospace Transilvania   (Romania) 1157
Sonaca Aircraft SA   (Belgium) 1157
Sonaca SA   (Belgium) 1157
SpaceClaim Corporation   (U.S.A.) C224, 4960
Specialised Polymer Engineering Ltd (SPE)   (U.K.) 4817
Spherea Test & Services   (France) 4215
Spirit AeroSystems Belfast (was Bombardier Aerospace - Belfast)   (U.K.) C318-320
Spirit AeroSystems, Inc.   (U.S.A.) C318-320
ST Airborne Systems AB   (Sweden) 1557
Standard Titnium   (China) 4726
StandardAero Components Service (was PAS Technologies Inc.)   (U.S.A.) 4330
StandardAero Ltd   (Canada) 4330
Starrag Group AG   (Switzerland) 41150, 41350
Starrag Group GmbH - Dörries   (Germany) 41150, 41350
Starwin Industries, Inc.   (U.S.A.) 1431
Starwin Industries, Inc.   (U.S.A.) 1431
Stein Seal Co.   (U.S.A.) 1050
Sterling Engineering Corp.   (U.S.A.) HALL 2, 3, 4
Sterling Engineering Corp.   (U.S.A.) 2127
Stirling Dynamics Ltd.   (U.K.) 1151
Stromkind GmbH   (Austria) 3828C
STS Aerospace (was Titeflex Aerospace)   (U.S.A.) 1360
STS Metals - Sierra Alloys Co.   (U.S.A.) 4818
STS Metals - TSI Titanium   (U.S.A.) 4818
Subaru Automotive   (Japan) 2117
Subaru Corp (Fuji Heavy Industries)   (Japan) 2117
Sunshine Metals   (U.S.A.) 1231, C119-120
Superalloy Manufacturing (was GKN Aerospace - Cincinnati)   (U.S.A.) 4716
Supernal, LLC   (U.S.A.) 1307, C126
Switchcraft and Conxall   (U.S.A.) 4920
TAAC Aerospace Technologies Inc. (TAAC)   (Turkey) 4350
Tactair Fluid Controls Inc.   (U.S.A.) 2037
Tanida Ltd.   (Japan) 41528, 41530
Tata Advanced Systems Limited   (India) 1317
TAV Vacuum Furnaces SpA   (Italy) 4736
Techni-Modul Engineering   (France) 1360
Technical Metals Ltd.   (U.K.) 1321
TEI - Tusas Engine Industries, Inc.   (Turkey) 4350
Teijin Aramid BV   (Netherlands) 3520
TEK4   (U.K.) 1521
Tekna Powders   (Canada) 4719
Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions (AES   (U.S.A.) 4305, 4505
Teledyne Technologies Incorporated.   (U.S.A.) 4305, 4505
TEMA   (Italy) 1545
Terma AS   (Denmark) 2320
Test-Fuchs GmbH   (Austria) 3725A
Thales Alenia Space   (France) 4103
Thales Engineering Competence Centre (ECC)   (India) 41327
Thales Group Aerospace Division   (France) 41327
The Barden Corporation (UK) Ltd   (U.K.) 1530
The Barden Corporation (UK) Ltd   (U.K.) 1530
The Lee Company   (U.S.A.) 41120
The Micro Spring & Presswork Company Ltd. (MSP)   (U.K.) 1030
The Sempre Group Ltd   (U.K.) 1320
The University of Alabama in Huntsville   (U.S.A.) 3340
ThyssenKrupp Aerospace   (Germany) C104
Thyssenkrupp Aerospace India Private Ltd.   (India) C104
Thyssenkrupp Aerospace India Private Ltd.   (India) 1360
Ti Squared Technologies Inc.   (U.S.A.) 2033
TISICS Ltd   (U.K.) 1317
TLG Aerospace, LLC   (U.S.A.) 1351
Toray Advanced Composites   (U.K.) 1354
Toray Industries, Inc.   (Japan) 1354
Toyo Forging Works Co. Ltd.   (Japan) 2117
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions GmbH   (Germany) C117, 41141
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions UK Ltd   (U.K.) C117, 41141
Tridan Engineering Ltd.   (U.K.) 1551
TriMas Aerospace (Mac Fasteners)   (U.S.A.) 1238
Tritech Group Ltd.   (U.K.) 1221, 4212
Triumph Group, Inc.   (U.S.A.) C116
Triumph Integrated Systems - Mechanical Solutions - Shelbyville   (U.S.A.) C116
TT Electronics - Semelab   (U.K.) 4338
TT Electronics plc   (U.K.) 4338
TTTech Computertechnik AG   (Austria) 3725D
Tubiflex SpA   (Italy) 1241
Turbocam Inc.   (U.S.A.) 2519
Turbocam UK Ltd   (U.K.) 2519
Turbomecanica S.A.   (Romania) 1428
Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI)   (Turkey) 4350
TW Metals   (U.S.A.) 1033
TWI Ltd   (U.K.) 1046
Tyrolit Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski K.G.   (Austria) 3712D
U.S. Cargo Systems   (U.S.A.) 2015A
UAS - Umbria Aerospace Systems SpA   (Italy) 1146, 1150
Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals, Inc.   (U.S.A.) 4740
Ultima Forma Ltd.   (U.K.) 1317
Umbra Cuscinetti SpA   (Italy) 1146, 1150
UMBRAGROUP S.p.A.   (Italy) 1146, 1150
Umbria Aerospace Cluster   (Italy) 1146, 1150
UMI Aeronautica, S.L.   (Spain) 2318
United Performance Metals   (U.K.) 1321
United Performance Metals (IL)   (U.S.A.) 1321
Universal Alloy Corporation   (U.S.A.) 4318
Universidad Aeronautica en Queretaro   (Mexico) 3318
University of Nottingham (IAT)   (U.K.) 41135
Urano Co., Ltd   (Japan) 2117
Valbruna Edel Inox GmbH   (Germany) 1246
Valcor Engineering Corporation   (U.S.A.) 2026
Valence Surface Technologies   (U.S.A.) 41145
Veer-O-Metals Private Limited   (India) 2518
Vertical Aerospace Ltd   (U.K.) 2322, 41000
Viewpoint Systems   (U.S.A.) 2020
voestalpine Bohler Aerospace GmbH & Co KG   (Austria) 4921
Vulcanair SpA   (Italy) 1436
VZLU - Czech Aerospace Research Centre   (Czech Republic) 41331
Waygate Technologies, a Baker Hughes business (formerly GE Inspection Technologi   (Germany) 4542
West of England Aerospace Forum   (U.K.) 1218
WFL Millturn Technologies GmbH & Co KG   (Austria) 3721E
WFL Millturn Technologies GmbH & Co KG   (U.S.A.) 3721E
Wheelabrator Group   (U.S.A.) 1320
Wheelabrator Group, Ltd.   (U.K.) 1320
WheelTug   (Gibraltar) C314
WHI Global, LLC   (U.S.A.) 2322
Whitcraft Central Connecticut (was CT Tool & Manufacturing, LLC)   (U.S.A.) 2127
Whitcraft LLC   (U.S.A.) 2127
William Hughes UK Ltd.   (U.K.) 3024
Williams Aerospace and Manufacturing, Inc.   (U.S.A.) 3220
Williams International Co., LLC   (U.S.A.) C128
Winkelmann MSR Technology GmbH & Co. KG   (Germany) 41513
Wittenstein Aerospace & Simulation   (Germany) 4910
Woodward HRT   (U.S.A.) 3130
Woodward Inc.   (U.S.A.) 3130
ZeroAvia, Inc   (U.K.) 1010
ZeroAvia, Inc   (U.S.A.) 1010
Zoerkler Gears GmbH & Co KG   (Austria) 3725B